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every now and then i find my mind lost withen

clouds from storms that raged throughout my day raining tears that keep silent as i bus it to work some moments it doesnt wait tell night there are blank burst in my thunderstorms

after hearing so convincingly how un hearted stone cold plain evil i grow sick of disagreeing 

so much so i go out of my way to prove it true even as i watch it act out in weakness i figure it just happenes to be that time again.

i am aware of the many things that need changed aware to the fact i must take it one change at a time then i fight for the patience to fallow ahead even when i fear there is no end for me in my own hell its my darkness i alone created 

know as i that one that builds such darkness has to learn as i have yout eyes dont just see mouth isnt the only speaking ears more then hear you can seperate your sight voice and ears splitting them in 2 i still have long to practice but am able to see out side my actions yet i struggle to name how i feel

im so dam confused i have failed some agree and take it further into the negative way others kissing my ass tell me im a good person i know im not i just fake it all to well even times i dont wish to.

i still dreeam during my wake yet not as much or as hard i try to remind my dream tgat i have decided to no longer live in the fairytale tget im unable to ever have i need a change and i found my start yet not easy leads me to believe in its difficulty i will in lng run be rewarded i just hate the wait and the hours of work that only i am aware of.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Your story is courageous Jupiter have much insight in your presence and past Would love to see you contact writing It may be helpful in you struggle

    May 16, 2019

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