Cockscomb Ecstasy Read Count : 30

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Holding towel over bosom 

your photo shoots 

upper boobs bulging 

in drizzling shower 

personal notices posted 

in romantic moods 

wanted a beau, dandy 

guy, pal,dude obscure 

flirting connotation 

fascinated guys in emotions 

connect me on phone 

video if you like 

telecast in comfort zone 

ask me ticket and Visa 

likings and dilikings 

come, meet or invite 

altogether in mobile phone 

day wise dating monthly hourly 

seeking soulmate in wonderland 

launch, canoe, cruise and plane 

what you like my fans 

soda whisky and champagne 

travel to Europe America or Finland 

vamp or heroine dreamgirl 

hurt you in disdain 

if you are in my boat 

feel me like in fairyland 

I am seeking beau or man 

desert, plain, sea, hill or sky 

polar regions to green land 

you may play weekly romance 

in probation period of Iceland 

my quest is continued 

for recognition of soul 

you hate or love, get 

and wake in your dream land 

vamp or witch nymph or maid 

blonde or damsel pretty or ugly 

I wait for your declaration 

stay or leave in silent motion 

I wait for soul or forego 

till magnetic waves connect 

my mate in promotion 

a woman posted a draft 

apply only single man 

young and rich within my reach 

five years junior or senior 

if potent and mighty 

ten years concession for rich 

and millionaire exception 

governed twenty years for billionaire 

send me private message 

and do video chat 

old and poor men need not apply 

as they gone senile 

don't waste my time in query 

writing comment box in fury 

send your photos bare biceps 

tummy thighs and toes 

whatever positions private 

under trousers, shirt to and fro 

degree of vitality second to minutes 

no taboo for video in action 

vitality recorded in normal motion 

elixir or potion thunder of Viagra 

your record of morning, noon and night 

no bar and freedom zealots surmised 

send me gifts and wire money advanced secure your suite,hut, beach 

or lawn ping pong show hide and seek 

yatch party in ocean swim or fleet 

dirty and filthy talk your mind blows 

travel in company twist hip hop flows 

a guy desires sex on fire 

personal desires online posts 

nude semi or whole postures 

on phone come faster 

bikini, topless with dog in bed 

pig, parrot, goat or rat 

smoking pipe wearing hat 

climbing pole twisting round 

pumping air balloons ping pong show 

bold sensuous acts on go 

drinking wine disco,pub may join 

showing tattoos on neck and thighs 

kind hearted average woman 

Chinese, Korean, African, Asian 

not for joke Indian lady or woman 

yes, I am bad but not fake 

a trader in Dubai need hot girl 

show me postures in video 

pay you if interested dollars 

six hundred dollars visa ticket currency 

another dude poses him self 

like you share my language 

my culture travel you world 

later move to America 

a guy is ready to award 

dollars five hundred a man 

or woman running nude 

in the street for fame 

what happened to online friends 

and dating sites 

learn simple English or dirty voice 

promoting religious discourse 

supreme my religion day and night 

cocktail ecstasy free on sight 

cockscomb dudes on net fight. 

 Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward Number 27 Balaghat (MP) India 

481001 942461441 8966088853 

Date: Wednesday May 15, 2019


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