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Why is it that every "MAN" sees me as a doormat? "Welcome to use and abuse" is my title. Mother of three and business owner is not a  powerful enough title so I feel like I have to add "WIFE". Of course no woman is ever made feeling whole unless she is a "WIFE" a nurturer of man because we come from him. YOUR RIB, MY BODY. Not your words ,my pain. Not your fist my face. Not your bad day , my broken heart. Not your insecurities, my problem. Not your bad relationships, my confidence. Why do I need to sacrifice my peace that I'VE BUILT to make you happy . I built my business yet ,you reap the money made. I made my children, yet they call your name. Why do I have to sacrifice and change and shift the life that I've made because you're incomplete. YOUR RIB , MY BODY . It's not enough that come around and take over because of your penis . You take over my life, my stride, my children, my peace and my body. I give all and you give half . Wasn't Even GIFTED to Adam. A GIFT. So why do I now feel like that"true love" is a myth?

You lack and I pick up the slack. It's supposed to be two in a relationship,not a few then "I'm not sure of us" How dare you? And I have to bend to your every whim and way until I get angry and tired of bending then it's" well this is a different side of you" it was always me you just didn't pay attention enough to care. You get angry , why can't I? You cry, why can't I? You get treated like a husband, shouldn't I be your wife? . YOUR RIB , MY BODY. But when you're not ready for a baby my body becomes PUBLIC PROPERTY. YOUR RIB, MY BODY. I no longer need to be a wife to be complete. My body is complete. All in all it is you who needs me.


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