Final Commandment. Read Count : 10

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SATAN is furious with the ghost, 

Because he is spoiling his mood of love that just got host.

Which had got blossomed after many post, 

After lots of hardships it got toast

But the phantom turned SATAN'S love bread into black roast.

Why do the world feel GOD & SATAN doesn't exist,

Is the earth powerful enough to hold the sky in her fist, 

Is sky the only one in the list, 

Aren't there other things and weights, from where does she acquires that power of resist,

SATAN knows who is behind this grist,

That's why in front of GOD he bends down with his raised wrist.

O ghost you are still a human born from a mother's womb and have grown up drinking milk from her breast, 

Why stand in east, 

And look towards west, 

It is sheer madness of time waste.

Don't sing in front of GOD phrases of religion based, 

For neither GOD nor HIS SLAVE doesn't know its taste, 

For this are the things which keeps humanity unchaste,

So first learn the morality of human chaste,

Then talk about other things seriously placed. 


  • Who are you guys honestly? Why hide behind the masks? I only want friends who I can speak to.

    May 14, 2019

  • Good

    May 14, 2019

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