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Like the tennis ball 

your bosom jumps on my chest 

racket like the flowery hands 

shoot despair in my heart 

from your court to my court 

over fascinating and sordid net 

Your pearly teeth 

and scattered hairy tuft 

your glowing eyes and romantic net 

your waiving skirt 

in so meagre awkward positions 

you laugh in love point 

and sweet breeze tied me in admonition  

I triumph my service I play 

your fairy cheeks and tennis ball 

in tearing shots court to court 

your shoulders and thighs 

jump and lean shot to shot 

love so hot in nook and nick 

your shadow moves to me 

and your lovely balls 

jump in tennis court 

I forget to play 

your service in delay 

and like the tennis ball 

your bosom jumps on my chest.  

  Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward Number 27 Balaghat (MP) India 

481001  9424614441  8966088853 

Date: Tuesday May 14, 2019


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