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Something... something in the woods kept cracking... Twigs maybe..I don't know.. it was like something was watching me..I couldn't tell. it was dark. Where was I. I couldn't see. I couldn't tell. I don't know where I am. Help I tried to say. nothing came out . am I dead I thought. I tried to get up I was weak. next thing I know I was hit in the head with a Rock was someone trying to kill me. I felt blood dripping down my head where the rock had hit me I felt the ground. it was a toy Maybe a stump. I couldn't tell. Its my backyard something touched me. I rolled over. I fell. I fell into a hole about 2 to 4 ft down I think 😔. next thing I know I was getting buried alive. I can feel the dirt touching my skin. I was breathing the dirt in. I couldn't get enough oxygen. a couple of minutes have passed. then an hour if felt like I try to lift my hand up. I tried to dig my way up and out of this. finally I could feel my hand touching the air if I was alive or if I was dead. was I dead somebody grabbed my arm and pulled meof the ground. They took me to the hospital. They went to get somebody. I ran out of the car. I ran as far as I can without stopping I just kept running didnt want anyone to find me. next thing I know I was running from people. Where am I. The cops found me running. I was covered in dirt. they took me into the police station. they called my parents it was safe. At last I was safe.


  • this is my first book. so hope you like it.😊

    May 14, 2019

  • BlackWolf M

    BlackWolf M

    this is good

    May 14, 2019

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