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               THE RIGHT THING  

   Doing the right thing is incredibly important. It will affect your friendships, your family and ultimately your future. Sometimes even the littlest choices can have the biggest impact on us and those around us. Things happen, life happens and sometimes problems arise when we are unsure what the right thing to do is. We all are faced with decisions and its important to take a minute and think so you can go with the best choice. Take a minute to ask yourself how the decision would affect you or others. Will you get into trouble and if you do how would your parents feel about it. Would they be proud or disappointed? This is a crucial matter. I am writing this story because it kinda applies to me in a round about way. 


                  MY BIG CONFESSION              

Last month I got in trouble for telling the same white lie twice. Yes that is very possible to do. It all started when some of my friends from school created Instagram accounts along with the messenger kids app. For me it was a good way to communicate with my friends and see all the cool pics they shared. So I went ahead and created one on my phone and no I did not ask my mom and dad for permission,  I just went along and did it anyway. I'm not allowed to have a Facebook until I'm at least 15 because of the language, the posts not being kid friendly and all the sick people in the world my mom always stresses about. Ok so no Facebook ok but she never mentioned Instagram or messenger kids. So I created my Instagram,  I shared some interesting pics and looked at my friends cool stuff too. I also did this without my parents permission and a week later I was caught by my dad for glancing at my phone like he does at times. When he asked me about it I told him it was just a friend texting me pics and that was a lie. I lost my phone and my other hobbies for 2 weeks, ok that stinks but oh well. I was mad. The next week I had to sneak on Instagram but only for a few seconds to look at my Spring Fling Dance Pics from the weekend before and I had to see them, group pics and also pics of me and Charlie, my new girlfriend and date for the dance. I know it was wrong but I had to so I snuck on my paps phone and went to hide in my room. It wasn't long before my dad walked in and caught me again. I lied because I didn't want to get into trouble again but now it was going to be much worse. 


This lesson was a learning experience  even though my recreational activities were taken away for 30 days. If I had only asked my parents for permission to have an Instagram they would have said yes but supervised and within moderation. During this time I learned that the truth will get you farther than being dishonest. I did it because I thought I would get in trouble and I did, alot more than I would if I had told the truth. Its important to be honest with yourself and your peers. No matter how hard the truth may be, it sure beats the consequences of a dishonest action. My dad taught me that for every action there's a reaction. He wasn't lying about it either 😁



  • May 14, 2019

  • May 14, 2019

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