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Through out my life I never wanted to lead a normal peaceful life rather opted for an adventures one and I had lots of friends who were also interested in the same lifestyle as I led. Things was normal for me. All of us use to visit places banned by the archaeology groups and government with signboards indicating the danger during night hrs visiting till we all never feared and together visited the places during weekends. 

                                We were totally 2 dozen of peoples. 12 male and 12 females. We all were best friends. Things were nice till we stayed united and it all started with the marriage of one of my friend who married one of the girl in our group. It was a great time for us and we all danced, drank and party'd all night. This is the first psychological case of my lifetime for which I am still unable to get any clues. When I and my friends wake up in the morning, we couldn't understand why people have gathered there and when we reached the bedroom we found the most terrific scene of our lifetime. Till today I can't forget nor can explain how both killed each other in that way. It was the first course of exorcism in me. I understood the original game has just begun.

                                ----godopediaology files 4-----


  • Ronquez McQueary

    Ronquez McQueary

    nice work I'd love to get some one opinion on my book work so if it's possible check me out in leave a comment thanks!

    May 14, 2019

  • May 14, 2019

  • I feel I can decide your case after the entire story

    May 14, 2019

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