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My sexuality is currently the only information you know about me. But this is the problem that's all you wanna know about me. With this information that you have on me, you use it to create a false image of who I am. Why do u let my sexuality or his race, or her ethnicity defy who they are. She's Muslim so she's a terrorist? He's black so he's gonna go shoot someone or steel something? I'm gay so I'm just a weird freak.

Why don't you sit down and look at yourself in the mirror, because let me tell you this now your not any more special then everyone else on this planet. The difference between you and I, is that you love to create a false image of someone because of rumors you've heard or things you've seen or just because someone isn't like you. I'm the opposite. I judge people over their individuality, not because of how they look or what they say, or who they love.

In simple words I don't judge people because I don't understand them. But once something new comes to your life and you don't understand it, you start judging, because for you it has to be one way, or the high way.

Another issue that must be discussed is your way of acting. You don't like someone because of who they are, that's your problem NOT THEIRS. What my problem is with you, is that you go deliberately picking on them when they haven't even done anything to you. I don't ask of you to accept everyone and like them, but what I do ask is to respect them. Respecting someone can come as simple as just leaving them alone. Cause I'm telling you now if you were in your victims shoes you would know how it feels to get targeted for something you can't even control.

Open your mind and try to see people for who they are on the inside and not how they are on the outside. Don't let ignorants get the better of you.


  • I feel like I can get a good feed back from others

    May 14, 2019

  • I feel you on this. Some people hate but they don't really know what they're hating. Rather than try to understand what they don't know, they choose to judge. It's easier that way. But when the tables are turned and they are the ones at the receiving end of brutal hatred, what then? They flip and go ballistic. Humans are given brains for a reason. Use the tool or don't use the tool. That choice is also given to everyone.

    May 14, 2019

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