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[BOOM] [Bang]  Hi I'm zack Well something happened and it hurt like h***

Well it started yesterday... It Was night time My friends we are Well were 17 and we were drinking Alcohol we got a little overboard and we split up I was walking near the woods I got fire wood and all I can remember is laying there dead whith my friends. They said it was a wild animal attack.. But we all know it wasn't... I saw fangs I saw wolf's I saw 《VAMPIRES》¿¿¿

Day 2 [GASP] I leap for air force. I'm standing IM STANDING!!!! I thought I was dead... why am I not dead... We have rings sun night curse rings it helps us walk in the sun well being a vamp 1day of School 

One of the perks you get proper dressings 

《Leather jacket, sunglasses, work black boots,Beanie, spikey hair color white, there is a lot  of cool kids but nonetheless nonexistents of Vampires. The weirdest thing about this is that my mind telling me 《were your ring, or you will die》{Shivers} 

The only thing that will Freak*** kill me But my prioritie is joining the football team.  So I go to tryouts cheer leaders♡...... getting off track well I got to tryouts and well I donate I'm the strongest 1 there awesome but the coach said I need Physiotherapy Haha wait your serious oh ok I'll try I guess NO you a** hole mind your own businesses well now I cant join but I can still feed on cheer leaders but 5 MINUTES later 《PRINCIPALS OFFICE》 me and my brother live together are parents died by of a freak accident I guess probably another lie wait who is that guy white hair leather jacket looks like me pretty good let's show him who's boss hey Punk {What do you want} punches him me he kicked my vampire a** wow is he a vampire...  {Arban} Rools eyes) he at least could of put up a fight... I'm guessing Trisha made another vampire. nothing new TRISHA {trisha} what, why dident you tell me you made another vampire {Trisha} that's because I dident. Well there's a new vamp that thinks he can go beat pple up{Trisha so how is this my problem. Because your a whitch...{Trisha and your point is... ok never mind I'll just kill it.{Trisha wo wo wait why kill it. It's a threat{ Trisha your a threat to well being a hybrid synifer and your a whitch too you deal whith it... fine whatever I'll virender it you still have some right {Trisha yes basement 《Ok》 virender is a type of flower that hurts vamps  {Trisha oh c*** it's a full moon hurry go, ok ok I'm going *Slams door* grrr grrr  I look I'm turned I run off into  the woods... I wake up naked I take off the cloths of the victim the clothes are mauled but they will do till I get home.

《Adam》 Another ruff night.. yes killed another man I say slowly putting my shirt on. 《Adam》 ok totally not fair I have excutainting pain when I turn but somehow it doesn't hurt you. Um that's probably because I'm 4 thousand years old 《Adam》 good point you going to school. Nah I'm going to capture a vamp 《Adam ok I'll just pretend we are normal hehehe have fun I guess. What would be the fun in that bye jack a**...  


I crab my friend derek tell him it's time to hunt...《Derick so who we hunting. Derick is a human but he's pretty cool.《Derick *grab a crossbow* you ready aruban. I'm a supernatural being are you ready《 derick I guess.  Ok we creep in the woods and start to track《derick why would he be here. This is were we hunt 《derick we've never hunted here. No not us them as in vamps..《derick oh gotcha. Yes you here that《 nah don't have magic hearing.. oh yes right it's blood 《derick get up or I'll shoot you. Zack》 your the kid from schoolyard. SWISSS of the wind  I'm faster tucks his hand behind his back and stabs him whith virender and he slowly drifts away... 

At The Dungeon.

《Zack were am I {Trisha your in my basement don't know why they call it the dungeon. Its catchy. { Trisha no no its really not. Whatever.... let's just get on whith it... 《zack why am I here. Your a vampire that's why you are a danger to cocitey《Zack whatever I'm not talking and my skin hurts like h***. that's the virender itll hurt for awhile. 《Zack I died saw wolf's vamps and that's it woke up and continued my day what did I do huh? 《Terisha umm your a vampire you feed. 《Zack you feed too though. Yes but I don't《Zack kill. Yeah I kill but 《zack we aren't different. GO 《Tersha umm hehehe he got you. Whatever ¤ ah ah  crack crack 《Trisha run little wolf. Growls runs off to the woods...

《Welcome to the pack》

While running in the woods I see another wolf... it's been so long before I've saw one. I rush over to see owe ahhhhhh you bit me 《Msteryes wolf》 grrr grrr runs off.

Ah I'm bleeding how . I follow her she gets dressed I get dressed why? 《 wolf Why bit me and I'm bleeding what are you.《I'm part of the nessie pack we can bite and make blood. FIX IT  《Alsomastrialtonma》 I turn and run..

《What Is the nessie 》

Well I have studied every book every journal every historical intcounter. And it's a magical tribal tradition pack thing bull sh** nothing ahhhhhh (Trisha hehehe *Closes book* you're not going anywhere, you've been guessing and making esuptoins based on nothing. Don't see your point《Trisha *rools eyes* whatever ~WHISPERS, ungrateful ignorant beast. Hehehe cool it I might bite you (Trisha try it ill bipety Bop you too next week hehehe. Hehehehe bye{Trisha bye

《Going To Nessie》

Hi 《Nessie pack!》 *Puts spears up* why are you here, To see the wolf {Mysterious wolf} it's you again, let him in... *walks to bedroom* hello why are you In nessie tribal pack lands. To look for you though you could give me answers been studying every book,journal,historical inconvenience Nothing so I thought I would just walk over here and here what you have too say and how you can make me bleed that's unusual for me I bleed but I don't hurt I don't die and I hurt how did you do that.《Mysterious wolf I'm Honesy but I told you it is all part of my tribalistic heritage of magic beings roming the world we are the ones that make vampires and made the moon curse upon the werewolfs the they can lift the curse on hunters red sun moon a traditional greeting the oxtail you do a coerce of stuff and the winner can lift there curse vamp or wolf any pack and anybody.. ok fine makes since but why bite me《Honsey 😳 no reason. Ok bye I guess《Honsey bye😶😁

《Tersha so did you talk to her. Yes I did 《Tersha so what did she say. Um she explained then I asked her why she bit me she blushed《tersha you know what that means... Nah she doesn't like me《Terisha she does. Whatever I'm out goodnight.《Tersha goodnight2...

Sitting on a desk doing my homework go too get some Bourbon out of the cabinet pour a little in a glass GULP in I climb in my bed and go too sleep...


Ok does that Honsey girl like me well I like hope practical bad

a** 🤤 but ehh I don't like Honesy and I'm gonna kill she don't 


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