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Once upon a time there was an innocent,kindand respectable man lived in a small town called turboli A great and courageous man called shimbu . He grown up in a middle class joint family . He learnt a lot from his family and the importance of life and ethical values.he like reading books and playing with friends. Hr always having fun with them.he likes cricket very much,he used to watch cricket, he also plays cricket well ,not only cricket he is the topper of the the times went on.he got tenaga he suddenly felt in love with her.first he liked her and attracted to her and finally he felt in love with her.they two are became closer and closer as the time went on .but shimbu thought she likes him and also loves him after a long time ,he met her with her boy friend .on seeing that shimbu got depressed,he is not able to miss her and he started dreaming about her but she already left from his life.inorder to forget her he addicted to phornographyand drugs .though he didn't forget her he started realising that God had designed the girl which kind of girl he wanted because the wise man says marriages are fixed in heaven.and a lot of conspiracies ,criticsand treatment of doctor's helped him to get out of the terrible situation and also the love of the parents the affection had changed his mind set makes him normal .he decided to live a life for his parents who given birth to him .he wanted to live a life which is equal to swargam which is a place full of happiness and joy he started working hard to be luxurious and self dependent .he got money,fame everything he got .one day shimbu saw the girl who loved ,he took it simple .he well wished her .and make his way to hus endless journey .he married a nice women .he lived a luxurious and happy life.



  • May 13, 2019

  • May 13, 2019

  • May 13, 2019

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