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All wounds are not the same. Some hurt more, some you didn't even feel, either way it goes time only weighs you down because now you have these wounds you carry with you asking with your luggage and you're rocks. I was in rehab at one point in my life and there was another person to seem to have had a lot of pent up anger, you can tell by the constant complaining about everyone and almost everything. So the counselor tells the person to go pick up a rock. He doesn't tell him for what. The person stands up and picks up a decent size rock about the size of a doll. The counselor instructs to write on the rock everything that's bothering. He adds, "it could anything or anyone, it could me or her or him,." After writing what was bothering on the rock, the counselor says to carry the rock. 

Now that was funny to him carry a rock like a baby, but that would be me right now, carrying all of my sorrows, blaming others, and not doing anything about it. For the next couple of writings I am going to sound like I need counseling. Well I do. And writing used help me get out of a slump. Only this slump is more if a whole thats seems as though, if it could, would go staight to China, or Australia, or just go through like the poles. I am really bothered bybthe decisions made and the games they played these feeling just don't want to fade. I could get out of control. That'll just give them ammunition. I play the dumb role like I don't know a thing that's just adding to my rock. I can't seem to find a solution to not let go. 


  • May 13, 2019

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