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Hi my name is Aderyona Bloom and I am a super hero. Yep a s-u-p-e-r hero. I am a 14 year old girl and i'm gona tell you how I got my super powers. 

      It's an ordanary day I wake up eat grab my bag for school then get on the bus with my best frind Sam. "Heeeeyyyyy A.D" sais Sam. The rest of the whey to school we talk about what we did over the weekend. After we get to schoolwe hed to math class. Sam and I have moset of the sam classes. After class we meet up "it's a knice day out " I say "lets walk home".whyel we walk home we play consintration. When we get home i ask if Sam whants to hag out but she had socrr practis. When I get home I go up stairs to my room and wach tv and read alittl. My mom calls me down for dinner. After dinner I wash the dishes. Sam coms over and sais she can play for an hour. So we hed to my back yared and play some bascet ball. Sam heds home. I go up stairs and take a shower then go to bed. The next day I get up eat get my school bag then Sam and I get on the bus. "Happy friday" Sam yells. When we get to school we hed to our classes . At the end of the day we take the bus home. When we get home Sam runs home to get her sleepover stuff then runs back over to my hous. We set up our stuff and play some games befor going to bed. It's around 1 in the morning. Evryone in the hous is asleep. All of asudin the hous starts saking. Sam and i wake up and get under my desk becase we think that it is an earthqake. But we were wrog very wrog. 


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