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Reed for a puppy named rock who went to a new home with me.      

Hi my name is rocky.and I was born on a Saturday.right now I am 7 weeks old.

I'm not much of a talker. I was just in my cage with my siblings until my owner picked me up!I was afraid I would never see my family again.My owner took me outside so so far normal.Then my owner put me in his ugly pickup.AND I RODE IN THERE FOR LIKE FOREVER!And then when I finally fell asleep we where at an ugly building.And next to us was a really big truck and a little girl stepped out of it and a man.i learned that their names were kailey (the little girl) and Brandon (the man).and ty hen I was passed over to brandon and I was so scared I was shaking (also it was very cold) when we were in the red truck I was passed to kailey, and to my suprise I was being pet.it felt like an angel and suddenly I felt a gaint burst of love and warmth and it was not me making it, it was kailey!Then about more then half way to my new house kailey p th me behind bars!And I whined to much that suddenly I seen a treat in my cage!it smelt like gravy and bacon I ate it!I wanted more asap!But sadly before I could beg i curled and fell asleep.Then after a long time we where there!when I got out I peed and pooped.And I got to stay up until 10 pm!!!Like that was way to short of time!>:(I was mad.then I fell asleep NOT!I wined all night and kailey woke up at 6 am.AND SHE DIDNT EVEN LET ME OUTTT!!!!!!!!!!I was angry

Half week later (weekend)

Today I turned 8 months old!and guess what I got more toys!and some tennis balls!and then now I'm on the present (sunday,may 12,2019)asleep WITH MY CAGE OPEN! Anywho that's it for me getting a new home and I love my life!


  • love it!puppy's are cute.

    May 13, 2019

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