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     So we all have trouble  in are life. Unless if you love everything then I guess your fine. But any way. My life is pretty  cool I guess. Except in 5th grade. I got my first dog in 4th grade. His name was taz and he was the best dog ever. He was black with white  on him and he had a very wild personality. He was good and amazing. But then we got are new dog. Her name was bailey. Sure she was dume but she was a good dog. No one took care of her or pet her but me. So I made her my dog. My sister  loved her but she didn't take care of her as much. The only thing I didn't like about  bailey  is that when we went on the trapalion she would bark. A lot. My sister would yell shut up at her and I would throw  toys so she would be happy. And the best part about her is that she was ok. With anyone  and everything. No if it was a cat, a person,  or even  a different  dog. She loved everything. She did mess around  with are cats. And are dog taz. But one day are dog taz started  digging  holes everywhere. And he ran away a lot. We had to start putting  him on a leash. Until  one night are mom for got he was out side. He left along with bailey. Me and my uncle  went looking  for him but we could  only find bailey. Two days later we got a call saying  that someone  found him. My mom wanted  to go get him but her new friend  Johnathan  said we should wait till tomorrow. Oh boy he was wrong. He was scared just for his dogs cause they didn't  get along. The next in the morning my mom got a call. She started crying. She came out of the room she told us to sit. She told us that are dog taz died trying  to come home. I started  crying. I ran to my room crying. I was sad cause I couldn't  say good bye. My bestfriend  died trying  to come home. I. Couldn't  think and I couldn't  talk. The next day me and my sister  made a shrine for him. We gathered  all of his toys and his food bowl.  To this day I still remember  what happen. And I blame Johnathan. He got ride of my dog bailey  to keep his small dog bobo. Him and my mom lied to me saying  my dog bailey  ran away. They got rid of her just for his dog. My parents  were divorced during  this but if my dad was there he would have done something. We have a new big dog now. But still it's sad. But its sader getting  bullied  at school. I get pushed and punch there. Even cut at times. But I still remember that God is with me and helps. Even  though  my life is pretty crazy. I remember  all the good times. And that's all for my story .


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Bittersweet 🦋🦋🦋

    May 13, 2019

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