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No mean to be rude don't want to be crude but my nigga what happened to you let me get out and cap a foo, no need to do that thinking things back like how she acted wack. Nah you the one that messed it up you told her you lied, you wanted more time. Yo she said he committed a crime when he only wanted and gave him permission when others would do way worse and already have. Wait till 5 pull out the 9 and watch that bitch decline. That ain't finna fix shit, even if the clip hits, we finna be fried like some fish sticks. Just get a new one that don't talk so it's one way hell nah no way she gonna stay then fuck and leave that day. Nah don't want that. Then what do want you all over the fucking place getting into fights with yo mom, yo dad don't talk to you and feel disconnected cause you make it that way what the fuck is gonna change. Nothing if I keep talking to you. Getting me suicidal, angry, depressed, frustrated when the fuck are you going to change huh wanna solve problems by going to jail or dying wtf is that going to fix 


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