What I've Lost Read Count : 4

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The sweet taste of your words

Rolling around in a starving stomach

Its breath is lighter than a feather

Softer than the care of heaven

It gives me gentle hands for others

When gentler hands for you hug my ego

The tranquil smell of your voice

Hiding myself from me so that only you can be seen

I lost it. Oh dear, I lost it!

The ball that spills the ink of my knowledge

Written on the person in the mirror, now alone:

I hide my complexion from the rough feathers

Feathers that cut off wings of heaven

I question the smile I wear and the gentle care

That used to encompass all beaks in a nest;

That used to rise higher than the northern galaxy

Hiding myself from me only to reveal that you cannot be seen

I lost it. Oh dear, I lost it.


  • May 12, 2019

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