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For the years I've wasted so far, and the ones I've yet to start

I've began to wonder if all the choices I've made so far have been so smart

For the better part of my life I stayed away from the 'dark side'

Now that I've affiliated myself with it; it's like the only amusement ride

In the beginning I only used to smoke and puff on those foggy jib bowls

Now I fill myself over and over with useless holes

The only hole that needs 'fixing' is the hole in my head

If I don't smarten up soon, I will only find myself dead

Look at yourself, and look at your life

Don't you ever want to be somebody's wife?

I know that it's easy to say, but it's not that easy to do

I want a fresh start; I want to try something new

Doing this shit, it hasn't been something I've advise

I know all the decisions that I've made haven't been wise

Before I'm lost forever, I need to get out of this life style

I didn't realize the truth before, I was in denial

The truth is, I'm an addict; and I am co-dependent on the high

It's some kind of thing that I never thought I'd try

It started as an experiment then turned into a disease

Luckily for me I've never gotten any deadly STDs

Some of my friends are gone forever; just like that

Here one minute then gone; just like a drop of hat

I'm scared that might be a possibility for me

One bad whack; and its goodbye Bree

More and more I question myself on why I'm still here

Losing your life is something everyone should fear

What would that do to my family; my friends; and my pets

It's something that not anyone truly ever forgets

Addiction affects everybody, not just the one using

Living a clean life; a real life is something not worth losing

Before my life is over, young or old; I need to get away

I would be lying if I said I'm going to start today

Addicts don't become addicted overnight suddenly

That's something I learned in recovery

Doing dope isn't as fun as I thought it would be

I feel like I'm trapped; instead of feeling free

Maybe that's a blessing that is being disguised

Overdosing won't be how you hear I died

Using drugs; isn't a cure for pain of any kind

It's only a substance that will fry your mind

When it comes to healing your heart and your soul

Try something other than dope; have some self-control 


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