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I have lost my way to find happiness once and for all;

I've lost it, it's gone forever, just shattered like a porcelain doll.

I cannot find a single reason to stay living on this earth;

I feel my life has been a mistake since my earth.

I just really don't feel like living anymore, I have absolutely nothing to even hope for.

I always feel total sorrow and pain;

I sometimes feel I'm going to snap and go insane.

I finally stopped caring about everything in my life;

I think I can fix it with a freshly sharpened knife.

I really don't think anyone would care,

I don't think anyone will notice I'm not there.

I feel hollow inside, my soul is broken;

I'll be forever gone all my problems unspoken.

I feel like I'm locked up in a prison cell,

I need to break out of this place I call hell. I see the way people stare as they walk by;

their faces haunt me and on the inside I cry.

I really just want to be happy for just one day;

I highly doubt it'll ever happen, there’s nothing I can do or say.

People are cruel, they don't care if they hurt you;

I'm not the only one that’s lost all hope to. I try hard to ignore all the horrible things that happen to


I just want to get out and finally be free.

I don't care for anything at this point;

I use to be able to forget my sadness with a joint.

I now just sit alone and rail a line of speed;

I like drugs, I can see now that drugs are what I need.

I know the chemicals will fuck with my brain,

I still am here and the sadness will forever remain.

I've almost had enough bullshit that I've put through;

I'm going to end this pathetic life of mine, that’s what I'll do!

I'll be in forever peace from all the damn hate and war;

I could rest and relax, that’s what I'm hoping for.

My world is fading it will soon just disappear;

I want to go now, death is nothing I fear.

I am quickly and quietly going to end my life;

I reach in my drawer and pull out a knife.

I slowly cut across mi wrist and watch the blood fall;

I'm not going to regret this at all.

I would finally have no sadness to hide,

this world would be better if I just died.

Slowly but surely I'll die from blood loss;

I'll be completely free, be my own boss.

Good-bye to all, I bid the farewell

For no longer am I amongst living hell.

Bree Brabner 


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