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This mothers day has found me at a loss...I am always prepared for it,gift bought ahead of time.this year I really messed up ...her gift will not get to its destination as planned.So now I scramble....got the mother in law going on a nag a thon since 8am and Im just trying to figure out a suitable present for the person in my life who matters most to me.My Mom.

My mother is like the type of mother many people wish they had.shes not the" cool hip be your best friend party with you all day "kind of mother.some people want that but in the long run they dont really ,not genuinely.Ive kniwn moms like that and their kids always wished they had my mom lol.My mom has done nothing but the right thing her whole life.she is responsible,reliable and honest...I dont know what Id do without her.So this Im writing sort of as a tribute to her ,my way of saying thank you.My mom was strict ,not extremely strict but rigid when it came to some things...I grew up happy,my childhood was normal ,we had the traditional holiday celebrations and for the first half dozen halloweens I remember her spending hours sometimes days sewing me these elaborate fancy and really creative costumes...she really tried so hard to keep my life normal.I went down my own road when I got to my pre-teen,teen years.I had problems.She did not cause them.She tried to understand and help me with my problems.But honestly ,trained professionals who had been practicing psychiatry for many years couldnt fix my issues...I never expected her to.She nags alot but everything she says is true or right...so annoying,it may sound ridiculous to me at the time but it never fails ...down the line..mom was right.I havnt been the best daughter but I want her to know none of the poor decisions I make are her fault.my mom is getting older now and I have been getting more and more determined to show her before she leaves me that all that hard ,morally right,work (often frustrating beyond words)she has done to make me into a good successful human being...wasnt for nothing.I love you mom,thank you for everything and Im trying my hardest not to let you down.Happy Mothers Day.


  • May 12, 2019

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    May 12, 2019

  • May 12, 2019

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