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  1. All my life I've heard about angles. Some believe that they have wings. Some believe that angles were created before humans. I don't believe that to be true. If God created angles and the devil once was next to him how is it that the devil has as much power? Why not take his power if he gave it? I believe that God and the Devil are brothers and mother nature is their sister. For example have you ever ran out of gas trying to get to the gas station? Did anyone stop to try to help? The one that stopped was an angel. No wings or Halo was needed to do something good. Just a person who wants to help. Where are all these flying angles when really bad things are about to happen but they supposedly show up and save a man from being hit by a car? That is just luck because I could name a lot of other situations that needed an angel but conveniently not around. In my life time I've also heard God made angles with no free will but did with us. Again how was the devil able to disobey God without free will?  So many years ago God talked to a man through a burning bush. It was said his true form would cause u to go blind and his true voice would cause hearing loss. But it's God the creator of all, why would it do that? Has anyone actually sit with him as he told the story of him creating heaven and Earth? As far as my belief I could tell a story to a person let them repeat to next person and by the time it's got to 20 people the last one can't tell the story correctly. Back then they didn't have paper, pencils, ect. Just their memory and the rest I already mentioned. So today I'm sure it's a story that has been added to.  Why has he not made himself known besides of so many years ago just to save a town of people? Why he not do that when white people made black people their slave and all the things they had to endure? Also people talk about how God's hair was course and dark skin so he is a black man. How does anyone know if no one has ever seen him? The one they are actually referring to is Jesus his son. And if Mary bore a child even though she was a virgin then he could have been a colored man. Jesus was beat for days and suffered till he died just to come back. Why even go through that? How can u build something but not be able to remove something from it? How is it that in a never-ending space we are the only living creators? I think it is a way for people to cope with life. A reason to live. Don't get me wrong I believe in God but not as anyone else I know of. And I have lot more to share of what I think about life if u are drawn to how my brain thinks


  • Clark, the subject you have selected is very very vast. You need to know lots. I don't know your age but I believe if we need to know everything then we should have stayed from 4.6 billion years on the earth which is not possible. I agree with you because I am also searching for the same thing which I haven't got till now.

    May 12, 2019

  • Good point

    May 12, 2019

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