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It was a cold rainy day when we went to the large classroom in the university. The room was so large that more than 100 students could sit. It was really really dark room, because the window is at the back of the room and sunlight was so little in front of the room. As students we didnt love this room. Beacuse its air was so heavy that we couldnt even breathe. Because the window couldnt be opened. And smell in the room was so terrible. And we had this lesson only once a week. Every week the teacher examined students that who is present. I always heard my favourite name. It was the first time I heard this name. I've read it from history books, but not in real life. And I wondered who was this guy?it was so difficult to find the boy among 100 students.After 2 months, finally, I could see him. The teacher said him to leave the room and that moment... he came from the back of the room and I sat at the one of front desks. That moment I turned back and saw him. He was smiling. His eyes was so little the could disappear while smiling. And I saw and fell in love with him at that moment. 


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