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Why exorcism? I feel in future EXORCISM would be required, though not for sure but the increasing cases of suicide, murder and lots of things connected with it has increased the quantity of spirits. The thing which I discovered is that PEOPLE STAY VERY NORMAL LIKE ANOTHER PERSON BUT AFTER COUNSELLING WE DISCOVER THAT THE PERSON WITH WHOM WE HAVE DISCUSSED SOMETIMES BEFORE AND THE PERSON WITH WHOM WE ARE TALKING NOW AREN'T THE SAME, BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ONE ANOTHER. Similar to the THEORY OF SPLIT PERSON DISORDER.

                                                      While counselling this spirits confuse us in such a way that we ourselves feel like we are committing a serious crime on them. That's why whenever the process of exorcism is carried out the exorcist is trained not to listen to any of the words said by the spirits and to completely neglect them. Sometimes this reason also becomes one of the the biggest problem for an exorcist because NOT ALL THE SPIRITS ARE BAD AND LIE UNWANTED THINGS, so that time of decision making is the crucial phase for any exorcist. 

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  • Why do you answer for him? Are you both the same person? Hmm? 🙂

    May 13, 2019

  • I guess he is not

    May 12, 2019

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