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As a young child of this new generation I hope I can make a difference. I sit down and I realize I am one person. How am I supposed to make a difference. There's a point were I think and I wonder what's wrong with the world today. Theres so many things. For example some people are famous just because they are rich, or they are famous for stupid reasons like "16 and pregnant". What happened to talent? Also people do things and complain about certain problems but they dont do anything to fix them. Then it comes to me, the world can be so different if people would just change a little but they dont and here we are. Then I think about conspiracy theories and theres so many I wonder what am I supposed to believe. Then I think it all over twice and I think thats why they are called theories. Then I think about it a third time over and I'm wondering well the laws of gravity are based on theories that proved themselves over and over again. What if all the theories are true and connect but logically it doesn't make sense, however if we look through the eyes of a psycho path would it all make sense to them? Then what we call normal people would seem like crazy people to psycho people. Like back in the day when people killed women when they thought they were witches when they were not. Those people were crazy. So if the women were the psycho path in this day and age then we are the messed up people. Then it all starts to hurt my head. I'm over emotional, I'm over this, im always that. People tell me things all the time more than once then I start telling myself the same things and in a way I think I brain wash myself and society helps me and this is why I struggle to accomplish. If any of this makes sense to you readers and your like "hmmm" and you think about this and your brain feels weird please let me know. Because I dont want to think I'm the only one that thinks like this like I'm crazy but after what I have said if this made me a psycho path and if what I said was true and you thought I belonged in a padded cell then you would be the monster. Again if my theory was  accurate hah. Such a brain twister. In everyone's head its different, we all perceive the world in a different way... I try to see the world in more than one way and I write as if I were that person like a soldier or a doctor or something. Now that I write and think myself I have inspired myself to write through the eyes of a psycho. One thing really just leads to another in my brain if you haven't noticed. I suppose I am just venting right now. Getting thoughts down. But perhaps I can make the next best seller just going on like this thinking about what would be good to write about. In the end of this moment of silence I usually fry a couple of brain cells but that's ok because when I look back at what I've done I inspire myself. I might lose one or two brain cells in the process but when I look back I feel like I've gained 4 more. That's what makes this worth my while. Hope you enjoyed my rant


  • May 12, 2019

  • May 12, 2019

  • May 12, 2019

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