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With each passing moment, fumbles and mistakes aside, I am growing. Yes, I am growing and learning too. With everything that's tried to knock me down, I'm still here. No storm that has made its way through my life has managed to blow me away, none of the suffocating floods of emotion have managed to successfully drown my soul.... no, I'm still hangin in, still standing tall. And for that alone, I am so proud of myself. 

Getting through the tough and painful struggles of the past was certainly no easy task for me. I am looking forward to a future that will be brighter than all I have left behind me. I believe I can overcome even the most formidable of obstacles, whether they be emotional or physical in nature. I can accept and make peace with those things over which I have no control, and with a better attitude I can see past differences to what matters most about those with whom I share this planet. Some I must inevitably leave behind as I move forward in growth, and others must be regrettably avoided to ensure I am no longer continually poisoned by their toxicity. It's amazing to see how high I can fly once I let go of those who've labored to weigh me down. 

Even in light of this, I'm still here. 

I've managed to learn from my interactions and I'll learn even more in time. I'm proud of the way I've adjusted myself after tough times, and ways I've reached out for new levels of self-awareness, self-development, self-expression, and understanding. I recognize that every moment I invest in myself, my growth and development, is a moment well-spent. 

I know deep inside that I am worth educating, worth developing and worth loving. I am showing myself the respect that I would hope to receive from others, because like a plant that needs watering, I must be sure to see to my own nourishment - physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. 

I see how far I've come in the last month, the last year, the last ten years. I'm still here now, and I'll still be later on. With my stubborn stance to keep standing and my fierce determination to keep moving forward, just think of what the future will bring if I keep on keeping on. 


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