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On this day of reflection 
When  lve been reading
And learning for months

There  are some of our WO community
Who have focused on the negative 
With good cause due to their situations 
Others have had  more of a mixed view 
Experiencing good people as well as the bad 

There  is an abundance of extraordinary 
Talent in our community 
With their own creative style
imagination - technique and versatility 
But everyone that
 I’ve read is unique in their presentations for that represents
a combination of theirs personalities-
situations and state of mind

In spite of the shit that  exists in our
I believe the human spirit is alive and well as evidenced by this group 
The true melting pot of folks from every
background -culture-language is represented and it’s been an eduction 
as well as a joy
My enthusiasm for writing and reading
has been reborn
And words do not sufficiently enough
express my gratitude to Jared-his staff 
and all of you

Keep writing and sharing 🦋


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