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My name is L.T. and I'm considered as being one of the most disgusting prostitutes in my hometown called Daytona Beach Florida. The reason I'm known for being such a slut in Daytona Beach at the age of thirty-eight is because I've slept around with at least twenty-five to thirty random men unprotected over the past twenty-one years or so. Some of the men who I hardly knew after the first night gave me transmitted diseases such as herpes, which still affects my body today. I became a prostitute after I lost my parental rights to my oldest son Reggie to DCF(The Department of Children and Families) in nineteen-ninety-nine for child abuse. I lost custody of my son after a woman named Mrs. Betty who Reggie and I were staying with in New Smyrna Beach Florida called DCF on me, and told them that she found welt marks from a shoe on my son that I had beat him with, and they needed to come out to the house, and make me sign over my parental rights over to her. Well, DCF did come out to the house, along with the New Smyrna Police Department, and made me sign over my parental rights to her, after they found the bruises she left on him.


  • an interesting start. would like to read more

    May 12, 2019

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