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It all started on a sunny day, butterflies where gliding above  passing by a few dragingflys. Cool wind blowing on sweaty people giveing them sweet bliss, as they ran and swam at 

the lack. Bye the lack was a field were two 

little girls were laying were there moms could keep an eye on them. One of the girls were 

singing to cher the other girl up. She Sang her heart out to the other in hopes of the other 

becoming her cheerful self again. Once she

 started on her fourth or fifth song  the younger girl slowly started to calm down till she the only than that came out of her was small 

hiccups,her big cool gray eyes glisamd in the light as she looked at the older girl in her jade orbs. She smiled at her cute young friend and patted her head, as the little one smiled bake at her. Time had pass them both by quickly as they song to each other, lost in there own world tell there mothers came to take them 


Sooyoung was a nervous wreck as she passed back and forth in front of her child hood

 friends locker she didn't know how she should go about telling minjee  about what was on her mind. Should she say that she's had a

 crush on her since she was 5 and minjee was 4 or should she say she's transgender first, or should she just keep quiet. She kept up 

Pasting in tell she falt someone grabb her 

shoulder, she looked behind her to see 

minjee's bright smile. Sooyung  blushed a

 little at the beuteful sight in front of her. 

Minjee's beuteful eyes looking into hers, her 

pretty gray hair with crimson red tips laying 

Perfectly on her shoulders covering up one 

eye. She has on a cute baggy gray sweater

 that she took from her with a flowy black

 skirt on. Sooyung took a gulp and lets out a

 breath that she didn't know she was holding 

in, she began to get nervous and sweat a little looking away from minjee. Minjee tilted her 

head a little bit to the side. Is everything all

 right sooyung she asked her childhood friend is a shy yet very Concern voice as she looks 

at the nervous wreck in front of her. W-what do you think of transgender sooyung asked away in a sheepish tone keeping her haed away 

from minjee. Minjee just gave a knowing look and replied with sooyung I know your trans

 for for a while now and I dont care if your a boy or girl were friends and nothing will stop

 that, oh but what should I call you? Sooyung wiped her haed up and gave a smile and told minjee, my name is being changed to 

sunyoung. Minjee nodded and kept repeating

 his new name over and over again intell she 

felt his hand being placed  upon her cheek. Un minjee Theres one more thing I want to tell you he said lowering his tone so no one hires him. I ...... I know I still look like a girl with my 

long hair and chest b... but will you my Girlfriend. He  blushed looking down at the floor too scared to look her in the eyes. Minjee slowly lifted his face and gave him a small 

peek on the lips and said I was hoping you

 liked me because I loved you since I was


Some years have passed and now minjee and sunyoung are now in there early teens. Minjee huffs at the thought of her childhood years 

are gone, no more sleeping in,playing all 

day, and having sunyoung all to herself yet 

shes so proud of him for going for his 

dreams. She would hate to be selfish and 

hold him back, she just Hope's hell have time for her when and if he gets big. Minjee's 

thoughts get interrupted when theres a 

piercing Bang right by her ear. She jumps and looks over to her right to see her friend misun making a grumpy face and take  a sharp

 breath in. I hate Mister wo's math class he 

always gives us a million assignments to do 

she complained as the man himself walked 

by saying keep it up miss sun and I'll make it a million and one. Everyone in the crowded hallway sweated a little banging for that to not happen. He chuckled a little and told everyone to hurry up and go home for the day. Misun smiled and jumped up and down clapping her hands together as her pink hair Bounty Hunter every movement, her ice blue eyes landed 

on there other friend. Soojung let's walk home together, misun said pulling minjee to the 

brown head girl. Soojung smiled and said oh I see you two died your hair the same color

 again. Minjee just grabbed her gray with red

 tips hair and shyly nodded her head as misun yelled hell yea. They all passed bye different 

sizes and colored building as well as some

 parks filled with kids and there family's. Soon enough one by one daily said their goodbyes and went into their homes luckily they all lived a block or two away from each other so 

Minjee didn't have to walk alone for too long.

as she entered her house someone comes 

runing to her and engulfs her in a hug. It takes her a moment to figure out who it is but she slowly realizes its sunyoung. Hi blue she smiles and hugs him back resting her head on his 

shoulder. He puts his head on top of hers and gives her a  kisse that said hollow love. They stay just like that for a bit than he grabs her hand and less her down the hell that's covered with a bunch of photos of her and her sister and two older brothers. They make a left at the end of the hall to the only bed room down that way and go in and shut the door. Once in

 they go to her bunk beds were her sister is 

asleep. They quietly go to the top bunk and

 talk in a manner that won't wake up a

ejee. Why is aejee sleeping in you room minjee??She likes using my bunksbeds now and than,minjee just shrugs and happily plays with

 sunyoung's hair. Minjee couldn't help but think about how hot sunyoung as become with 

ageing. He has short hair now and died it 

black, he has snake bits and a nose ring and well as gauges, plues he's opened up his 

shell and is batter at meating new people.

 Minjee has also changed but shes not shore

 She changed in a good way. She has become more shy than what she used to be plues she hates talking to people for too long and will only sit at the back of the class. Sunyoung 

pouted after you lack of attention he was 

getting and lightly pinched minjee's cheeks, she snapped out of her thoughts and set in his lap while she into trying their fingers.


  • May 11, 2019

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