Awake At All The Wrong Hours Read Count : 14

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

as i find with ease forcing myself to sleep 

over 16hours most of my days i find the truth im awake when the time is all wrong the moments i made to feel crazy hearing words being called names i just wosh and dream hoping i can make it all go away. yet again im up reading messages i hate tears i refuse to escpe

my life im aware i should change many attempts failed from every new step i make

i hold on believing theres a brighter path along the way

go back to dreams making up wild illusions that i think would make my pain leave 

only to wake and feel worse for trying to escape.

wrongs i cant ever seem to right day turned to night 

shadows i beg to just let me be 

fighting to stay awake i fear so much as i force my body still and eyes to close mking truth disappear.


  • BlackWolf M

    BlackWolf M


    May 13, 2019

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