I’m Not Different Read Count : 28

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Chapter 1:
It was Tuesday morning when Amelia had just woken up. She studied late again.. “Ugh, I have to stop studying late like this!” Amelia got up from her chair, and she got ready for school with an upset expression on her face. If you didn’t know, Amelia was in 8th grade, and she was 15 years old. She didn’t have that many friends because, they all claimed that “she was different.” Which in Amelia’s case, she didn’t realize anything wrong with her. Amelia continued to get ready for the school day. A couple minutes later, Amelia arrives at school, as soon as she enters the building, all eyes instantly  turn to her. Amelia was embarrassed at that moment, and thinking to herself “Why is everyone staring at me, as if I did something wrong?..I’ve done nothing wrong..”


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  • May 11, 2019

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