The Eatathon 5/11/19 Read Count : 23

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Took a plane from Seaton
Sat in a window seat 
Attendant came by with a food tray
I began to eat 

We hit some heavy turbulence 
The plane began to shake
I held on with one hand
The other held the steak 

We finally flew in calmness 
I rested in my seat seat
When my nap was over
I began to eat 

We are flying at 10,000 feet 
Wrapped in a sky of blue 
When the attendant came over again 
I asked for a dish of stew

When we reached the airport 
We started our approach
Right after locking my seat belt
I finished my French toast 

We waited for our baggage 
It was  a routine trip 
I grabbed my chocolate milk shake 
Took my final sip

Finally got a taxi
Gave  him the hotel’s name
He told me that the restaurant closed 
I said”dammit what a shame!”

We stopped at a curbside food cart
Ready to close his door 
I saw the line of hot dogs
I begged him to give me four

As pulled in front of the hotel 
Looked like his tongue would fall 
With his voice just trembling -he said 
“Are you gonna eat them all?” 

My room was bright and airy 
I sat to have a bite
 I said to my self with uncertainty 
“I’m still hungry-how will I sleep tonite “


  • Manfred Thuva

    Manfred Thuva

    wow!!! excellent

    May 11, 2019

  • This is so cool! 👏👏👏

    May 11, 2019

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