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Eva was trying her best to help Andrea take of me. The roar took alot out of me. My head was pounding. I tried to stand up but didn't have the strength. Eva tried to hold me up but I just collapsed back to the ground. The only one out of the three girls that could support my weight was Demora. I could sense she was still mad at me from earlier. I needed to rest. My body was deprived of my real power for such a long time. I felt encumbered with all this power. I tried to get up one more time. The longer I stayed still the sooner I would be found. I was about to my feet when my right leg gave out. Demora caught me putting my arm over her shoulders and becoming my support. 

"For a man I saw as invincible. You sure are weak. This is the second time I've had to help you this day." Said Demora.

"I am truly grateful. But I am in no condition to make the trip back home. But we can not stay here either." I said. 

Even with Demora's help my feet felt heavy. I sent Eva and Andrea back up to the room to gather our stuff. Demora and I went out to the stables to prepare the horses. I patted Blake's side soothing her. I'm hoping just a few days rest in the woods will return enough of my strength to make it back home. I don't know why i decided to take on this monster contract. I might as well cut my losses. 

"Are you still going to finish the contract?" Asked Demora

"I'm not in any condition to fight a monster that has been plaguing a countryside." I replied. "If you want to finish it and collect the bounty be my guest."

Demora didn't say anything else about it. I tried to move but ended up throwing off our balance and we fell. We ended up with Demora landing on my lap as I hit my head on the wooden wall that divided the stalls. I winced in pain trying to move my hand to rub the spot. But I couldn't cause my one good arm was pinned under Demora. I didn't have the strength to stand let alone move a grown woman.

"Stop moving your arm." Said Demora.

My head hurt too much to open my eyes. But I continued to try and get my arm out. Demora gave off a slight moan.

"I said stop!" Yelled Demora

Demora grabbed my arm and kept it still. I forced my eyes open. Everything was blurry and I couldn't focus. I lifted my injured arm to try and push her off of me but all I felt was something soft. 

"Get off me." I said.

"If you keep touching me like that. I will hit you even though you are injured." She said.

"What are you talking about?"

My vision started to clear up but I still couldn't make out what was in my hand. I squeezed it again. Then I realized my hand was on her chest when I heard a faint moan. Followed by a slap to the face.

"I'm not sure this is the best place to consummate your feelings for one another." 

They both looked up to see Andrea and Eva in the stables entrance. Andrea had a look of mischievousness in her eyes. While Eva's face was bright red.

"But I have no problem watching. Maybe even joining in." Said Andrea.

Demora's face become red as a tomato. She quickly got off of me. I laid there on some hay. This is how it's all going to end surrounded by a sex deprived dryad, a innocent dark elf and a battle maiden who wants me to procreate with her. Blake leans her head down and nudged me.

"I'm ok girl." I lifted my good arm and patted her.

Eva came over to me. She knelt down beside me patted Blake. A hint of red on her cheeks. I look ever to her.

"What is wrong?" I asked

She fidgeted while trying not to make eye contact with me. I moved my hand to her head.

"Don't fear me"

"I am not afraid of you Master." She said

"Then what is bothering you?" I asked

She slowly looked back at me. I tried to give her a smile but I was in too much pain. She took my hand from her head and held it with both hands.

"I feel like I have nothing to offer to you. You will just get rid of me once we leave town. Maybe I could give myself to you so I can stay."

What she said hit me hard. She has only known a life of slavery. That she could only stay if she was useful. I used up all my strength to pull her into me. I around my arm around her.

"Master. Please be gentle with me." Said Eva.

"I did not free you to claim you. Your innocence is something that is lacking in this world." I said into her ear.

Eva slowly wrapped her arms around me.

"But I feel useless." Said Eva.

She started to sob. I didn't want her to feel like she owed me something for what I did. I gently rubbed her back while she cried. Im glad I could save her. She was dealt a crappy hand. I noticed Andrea getting closer. I shot her a glare. This was not the time for her to try and get into my pants. I laid there while Eva cried thinking about my next move. We needed to get as far away as possible. More travelers will come and they will find the bodies.

"Demora prep the horses. You will ride with me while Eva and Andrea ride your horse." I said.

Eva pulled her head back.

"I have never rode a horse." She said.

"The innkeeper has a old two horse wagon behind the stables." Said Andrea.

"That is perfect. You two go hook up the horses. Eva will stay with me." I said. 

Andrea proceeded to harness Blake. But my lovely horse would not let her. Blake would just shake her head away every time Andrea would try to put the lead on.

"Blake." I said as loud as I could.

Blake stilled letting Andrea put the lead on.

"Good girl" 

I patted her head when she lowered it to me. Demora didn't have any trouble with her horse. The two took the horses out around back of the stables to hook them up. Eva didn't want to get up and she wasn't that heavy. So I didn't mind. I reached up and touched one of her pointed ears. She fliniched at my touch. But I insisted. I touched it again and I could feel her struggle not to move. Eva was the closes elf I have been near. I moved my hand down to her cheek. She didn't mind this as much. Eva was beautiful in her own way. She might not be as well endowed like Andrea and Demora. But she had her own appeal. I moved my hand back away. I could see her eyes follow my hand. 

I heard the wagon moving. Then it stopped. Demora came back inside the stables. She moved over to me and held her hand out. Since I kept my movements to a minimum while they were away. I didn't have to rely to much on Demora to get up.

"Eva start loading our stuff." I said as Demora kept me standing.

"Yes Master." She replied

The wagon wasn't too big. But big enough for two to three people to lay flat. Andrea was already sitting in the back of the wagon. Once I got up inside it Andrea decided her lap was going to be my pillow. I didn't feel like arguing with her. Demora gave her a look.

"You will take the reins Demora. Since you have riding experience." I said. 

I could feel she was going to argue but decided not to. Once her and Eva got all our supplies in the wagon we left. I already knew this was going to suck. But we only need the wagon long enough for me to heal up. Then we will be ditching it and camp in the woods.


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