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             "Id"       "Ego"          "Superego" 

1)                      "Id"

So, first is Id, there is not it's full meaning and it's not abbreviation of something it is just ''id''.

Now, id means wish and desire of something.

For instance:

1)A child wants candy.

2)I want my teacher's phone.

3)You asks someone's coat for yourself as by saying him, what a nice coat!!! And you say this sentence again and again until he knows that you want it.

So, Candy,Phone and Coat these are I'd. Mean, your desires and wishes

2).                    "Ego"

So, second one is "Ego" do not take its direct meaning of word, according theories these have different meanings.

Now,Ego is balancing course, Simply, when you show your Id to yourself that you like something then what will work on it to gain or snatch that then that would be Ego.

It means Ego works for Id to complete the id, as I have given Id's examples if you look above now "A child wants candy" candy is Id. The way would child ask is Ego. In the end I'll give you some examples of these theories then you will understand these conceptually.

3).                     Superego

The third one is "SuperEgo""

Now, SuperEgo is ethical feature of human, it means it works or we can say it is conscience. It works and it oppress the Ego's unethical way of fulfilling your Id. This theory teaches the Ego to get Id with ethical way not directly or by snatching."I want my teacher's phone"

Now, SuperEgo will teach the Ego that you can get that phone by getting job. Do not beg from your teacher.

Example of each theory, 

1)Id is boss, now he wants something

2)Ego is employee, who will complete something mean will get something for his boss. Ethically or Unethically.

3)SuperEgo is good intentional friend(well wisher) of employee.

Now SuperEgo will be calm if Ego will do something ethically. And Superego won't stay calm if Ego will do something unethically then superego will teach him the good way to get that.

2)example no 2.

Suppose that a beggar is standing in a bus and he watches some money in the bus.(now he wants to steal that money)(money is his Ego)(so he will try to find a way to steal it)he keeps his foot on that money as no one would watch it.(keeping foot is Ego).

So, now you would think where did SuperEgo went?

My friend SuperEgo won't come to beggar because beggar has killed SuperEgo.

It is truth that if you suppress your "Id" then your SuperEgo will be alive.

And if you will oppress your SuperEgo then at some time your SuperEgo will die.


2)Ego=Balancing Course


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