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Don't call it a gimmick 

forty five people taking bed rest 

surgical air strike on 26 February 

year 2019 is challenge to army in zest 

Pulwama deadliest terror attack is real 

suicider bomber Adil blown forty personnel in van responsibility claimed 

Islamist Jaish e Mohamed 

fourteenth February fit for retaliation 

of their killed militia men 

Rahul, Kejri, Mamta, Siddhu, and Kamalnath asked for evidences 

pictures, documents along with 

opponents and congressmen 

dropping a missile like a toy cracker 

on plain air men playing knuckle bones 

or marbles in vain say Pak military 

Indians play tic-tac-toe video game 

no casualty no harm attempt in vain 

Premier Imran pleaded peace and happiness no casualty no proof of Pak man no hand of Pak in Pulwama 

oh! don't play war games 

American F-16 is mighty air fighter 

no crash in air half-man no guts 

no pact no break to fight American plane return home Mig-21 pilot Abhinandan is gesture of peace 

American diplomats admit 

Premier Khan's tweet 

rejected 27th February F-16 crash 

Nowshera a dog fight air combat 

three crafts in Nowshera sky 

radio communication pictures 

radar installed Nigerian station 

false, fake, lie in anguish 

One hundred thirty to seventy 

trainees and trainers died in strike 

Balakot is not child's play guys 

mediamen stopped news censored 

local people carried them for treatment in Army camps Shinkari 

Pak army and doctors rushed 

there from vantage point 

to hilltop spot twenty died 

during treatment all trainees 

are captives in military camps 

evidences are not for court 

evidences for politics and public life 

hidden evidences emerge side by side 

election campaigns covered gimmicks 

and stunts, befool and bluff 

say lies political vendetta prevails high 

local people narrate stories 

of Balakot worthwhile. 

Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward Number 27 Balaghat (MP) India 481001  9424614441 8966088853

Date: Friday May 1o, 2019


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