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Dear diary gosh I'm excited this is my first diary. Okay so right now I'm eight years of age and I saw a boy! He had short brown spiked hair and pretty blue eyes he might be my future husband!

Dear diary I'm almost nine and dad left mom said he's in a better place but I think home is the perfect place I don't now why he'd leave this "better place". Who's house did he leave to anyway

Dear diary mom said she was going to to store but I don't know how far this store is it's been almost six hours.oh! And I'm now nine in a half!

Dear diary mom's not Coming home but that's okay there is a lot of food here. Can you believe it I'm ten now!!

Dear diary I ran ourlt of food so I guess I better ask the neighbors eeeek almost eleven!!

Well diary I got kicked out of my house for not paying the bills whatever that means.

I'm already thirteen sorry diary I haven't written in you for a while heh see you when something interesting happens

I found $34 I guess I better get some food oh yeah it's been a few years since we've talked I'm 16 and life's been strange 

Dear diary I'm 27 now I just remembered you heh uhm if someone reads this send help I'm on 1374 a- journal never mind I don't need help I'm fine. 



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    May 09, 2019

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