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This is not an indictment on anyone else
It  comes from my expectations
Leading to my frustration 

I have been trained-conditioned and called upon to help people 
This has been my vocation  for many years 
Dealing with many with different fears
Others l’ve counseled for positive roles
Seeking direction toward future goals

My experience here is a different venture 
Unexpected and strange 
I joined WO to write and read
And like most here to fill a need 

With the writers here the talent displayed 
The range of subjects immense
Many readings got me dismayed
For they showed authors painfully 

With almost a”knee-jerk” reaction
Surprised almost shocked- my reaction 
The many reaching out for help
Brought me to a place where I was myself 

I too was reaching out for issues l was unsure sure about 
Simultaneously  my had extended 
My instinct to aid never ended 

So many  writings revealed by those of all ages 
That the pain  they  were living with-
Different reasons different stages

Some were reaching ou
Others reaching back
With a valiant force
To help them change their course

The frustration that I feel Is familiar and real  
When you see your hand extend
And encounter a dead end

It is no fault of the victims
They’re fighting to survive 
If I can’t suggest solutions 
I try to keep hope alive

I won’t stop with support the stake are  much to high
Me and many others 
Are here to help them try

For me the said frustration Is easy to understand 
While the the victims try the hardest 
I come up with an empty hand


  • May 09, 2019

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    May 09, 2019

  • May 09, 2019

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