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I didn't see the mountains ahead of me. 

I didn't see how they're always ahead, 

always calling me, always reminding me

that there are always more things to be done, 

dreams to be realised, 

promises made before birth to be fulfilled, 

beauty to be incarnated, 

and love to be embodied. 

I didn't notice how they hinted that nothing is ever finished, 

that struggles are never truly concluded, 

that sometimes I have to re-dream my life

and life can always be used to create more light. 

I didn't see the mountains ahead. 

And so I didn't sense the upheavals to come. 

Upheavals that were, in fact, already in my midst

waiting to burst into flames. 

I didn't see the chaos growing. 

And when its advancing waves found me, 

I was unprepared for its feverish narratives

and wild manifestations. 

I was unprepared for an era twisted out of natural proportions. 

Unprepared when the road I travel began to speak in the bizarre languages of lies and deceit. 

My world broke up into unimaginable forms

and only the circling spirits of the age saw what was happening with any clarity. 

I have since then learned the song of the circling spirit, 

learned to understand that this is a story for me, 

who neglected to see the mountains of my secret destiny, 

who neglected to see that beyond the chaos, 

there can always be a new sunlight waiting for me. 


  • May 09, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres


    May 09, 2019

  • This really reminds me of that song Morning Sky. Did you ever get a chance to hear it? It has such wonderful lyrics. Dreaming of the stars on high That speak to me in secret sighs Drifting on a breeze Only I can feel and hear Could it be the sacred wind That's calling me to now begin To walk into the dark Copying the light of tomorrow MORNING SKY Beating of the wings up high Beyond the earth, beyond the sky Come now, don't hesitate Don't look back we got to go now Don't fear, you'll be safe from now on Morning sky watching over all Deep inside so silently my heart will speak Weeping silently Memories flickering and shimmering on Endlessly Keep me close to the path Morning sky watching over all Moving on the endless mountains up so high Walk into the light Your heart will see the path and you will find the way Just wait and see Moving on the endless sky up so high Tomorrow Will follow any route your promise is today Just wait and see

    May 09, 2019

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