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As the state of Israel celebrates🇮🇱 its independence today, my scroll celebrates the LORD GOD of Israel, my scroll seek same favour that was given to Israel, receive a wonder receive a miracle in the name of the LORD GOD of Israel. Lets look at how king David s monotheistic close intimacy with GOD reveals. He prays , in that gratitude prayer he mentions O LORD GOD eight times, he absolutely alludes that GOD made HIS name by the nation of Israel [2Sam7:23] by redemption. HE has made Israel HIS forever [2Sam7:24] Israel is too unique to deny [2Sam7:23] brethren. I will not go to Solomon, the same monotheism exalts the LORD GOD of Israel [1king8:53]. I am not forcing you to love the Jewish people, I am just revealing they are already loved by GOD and HE continues to fulfills promises. Elusively I am taking you to CHRIST JESUS, in actual Hebrew HIS name means the anointed King of Jews. So when we are calling HIS name we are calling the anointed King of Jews [Mat2:2] HE was even solid brave to confirm [Mat22:11] HE has nullified and qualified everything for you, me , everyone, whosoever [John3:16] believes. HE is the HOLY one of Israel. Be saved by HIS name [Rom10:13] Accept HIM with all thine heart.  

Brethren let me check todays Israel celebrations on Times of Israel,  the last time I checked President Netanyahu wants to put a bible in the moon, [Psa8:4] interesting ! Some interesting testimony to write about some day when the HOLY Spirit permits

 May LORD GOD of Israel who opened seas to free the Jewish open opportunity doors for you

I love you all



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    May 09, 2019

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