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Rose Shore May

Office of doctor  Bralen.

He Sits on His office and checks The reports of The day,The door knocks.

Bralen:Come In.

His assistant enters.

B(Bralen):Ah,Lucius my boy what a timing,you just came In at The correct Time.

I just finished studying the exploding plants down The basement,I know how to get rid Of them and keep The lab safe.

Lucius:That's very good sir,Mr Avrilius called,he says it's about the kid. 

B:very well,then we we should get going, help me If you want,we got a lot of things to pack,double time.

L(Lucius):Most certainly sir.

Meanwhile at the city of Rose where the Rose shore is near to,the doctor's daughter is out on a date in a local Cafe With Her Boyfriend.Amanda:the doctor's daughter,Barnaby:Her Boyfriend and Pal since They Were Both 5.

Amanda: Can you please open the  tv Barnaby,I'm curious about whether or not they have said anything about my father's success.

Barnaby:Sure thing baby.

TV reporter:And now for our main topic,

the soil university of arts is opening once again after 60 years in our city,and we are all very excited about this event aren't we Jennifer?

Jennifer stockholm,top notch education news director and reporter:We definitely are but the most excited one among us,without a doubt is the pride of our city,doctor Ioanathan Bralen,who decided not to make any statements but we are sure he is happy.

TV Reporter:Thanks a lot jennifer,and now for the weather.

Amanda:(holds Barnaby's hand with love)I'm so happy to be with you,Barnaby.

Barnaby:You are the definition of love for me  Amanda(they kiss).

Barnaby:Hey,I made a new story in a song,wanna hear it?

A:Anything you say is heaven to me.

B:Ok,the song is called the Kid.

here we go.

And while all of this is happening,her father,and her aunt are listening to them from an undercover van,with great focus.

Bralen:Should we let him play the kid again,you know what happened last time,I still dry my shoes from the rain.

Aunt Evgenia:Please relax,chalarose re sy mia xara tha einai.clain mind.(They'll be fine,relax)

Br:A, mi mou mila's ellinika  se parakalo,akoma mazeoun arpes ap'ton dromo.(Please don't speak Greek to me,they are still collecting harps from the street)

Aunt Evgenia:But that's exactly what you are doing right now,now stop before I tell them that you real name 

is Nikos Brastos.

Br:Po,re file,ax to ixera oti den eprepe na  anafero ekeino to soil,ti thelo kai to anoigo to rimadi.(I knew I shouldn't have mentioned that soil,why on earth did I open my mouth?)

Earlier that day Nikos/Bralen,mentioned that he had found a wonderful university for his daughter called Soil.and then the things happened with this order.

1.His Daughter signs up for the university along with her boyfriend

2.She does a research about exploding plants,which explode so strong,that end up in her father's lab basement making it a real minefield.

3.As soon as her boyfriend who is a songwriter and a singer,plays a a song called the Kid, an ancient god wakes up and  floods and rains the entire city before the god starts chasing them,until the authorities who know of ancient gods from their mothers and grandmothers offer the god a good meal of forest plants,because he is vegan,and he gets destroyed forever.

4.Shortly after he father goes into his lab and the rest you know.

By the way,you will probably wonder what The Kid song is all about. Here it is,enjoy.

I once saw,kids they that were playing and I joined their playful tasks,and can you stay with us they asked.

The End.


  • Rukshan Thilakarathna

    Rukshan Thilakarathna

    It is a nice story . There is am meaning in the story so I like the story 😍😍😍🤗

    May 09, 2019

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