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We both already lived for a quarter of century, time flies so fast. You think?
-	I don’t give a damn about time flies because I had meant to live it for good. Someday I’d leave this town so I was just enjoying this place as long as I can. 

Did you really think just by living your life for good is it enough? Sometimes we are expecting something more that just “enjoy your life now” thing?
-	I’ve been expecting nothing towards human or even a life so it wouldn’t lead me into disappointment.

-	Well, my statement has been described clearly I guess. Nothing to explain.

Do you think your life would be boring?
-	If you already set up your goals, mean it also live with it, boring is such a temporary adjective.

Well said, mostly humans would change their goals depends with the situation they’ve encountered. How about you? Wouldn’t you change your goals too?
-	Of course, it would never bored me. I’m matured enough to know what I want. In case it was a relationship maybe you’d ended up with lot of hoes because of the “boring” lifestyle. Difference but pretty much as same like you were gambling.

Speaking about relationship. Have you ever been that before?
-	I’ve been there and I am also in relationship right now. Daily routines suck but as long as you are single or right before you are going to get married you’d better just enjoy your life because you could never turn back the time expecting everything would be the same anymore.

Inspired from a real conversation.
-Vivian Lin


  • Apr 22, 2019

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