The Mystery Guy. Read Count : 3

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Sub Category : Romance

Rebecca was 16 years old in highschool when she met her dream guy. He was tall but not to tall, he had icy blue eyes, and brown hair. She was head over heels for him. He was the new but popular guy. Captain of the Sharks, the schools swim team. Rebecca is the kind of girl that sits with two maybe three people at lunch. Although she's not "popular" she's happy with her highschool life. Except her not having her dream guy. 

         Chapter one; The meeting

Rebecca was on a run after dinner when she met him. You would think she fell he caught her, but no. Their relationship was different, more realistic. While she was running she was texting her best friend Sarah. And he came cruising down the street over the speed limit sign that clearly states "School Zone 25mph" but he was clearly special crusing about 35mph. Rebecca was obviously running in the street and just as he was cruising down she tripped on a rock, more like a pebble. And fell where no person in a car could see therefore when she stood up he got out the car asking,

    " Are you okay?" Rebecca replied

      " For almost getting ran over yeah I'm fine but better yet what's your name?" He said, 

      " Yours first. " She replies,


        "Rebecca. Yours is ?"  He said,

        " Do you like mysteries?" She said,

         " I guess." He asked,

          "Is there a mystery if I tell you?" She said,

           "No." He said 


            "Then until we met again Rebecca .'


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