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I am the King of queens & the Prince amongst the princesses...

I am the Prince of all Boxing and Wrestling around the world

As my grandmother the Queen of all Boxing

As Christ Lord our Savior is the King of it all.

As I am Prince Rich and if you do not keep humility things and love, you will be thrown down to the dust

Fighting without love is nothing but a noisy siren yelling with pride & arrogance.

If you alibretly  disobey my Boxing and Wrestling rules, through Christ

I will overthrow you with my musical might as the coaches and fighters follow 

My rhythms they will destroy that one without love.

As I've said keep no pride & keep no arrogance in my kingdom.

Or else the Chief of MMA will allow you to loose for I am that Chief.

As I overthrew Connor McGregor for disobeying my laws

I overthrew him with my might for I am King Solomon the 2nd

As my father Solomon sits with my Heavenly Father in Heaven.

I might seem weak but our Lord is strong in my weakness, 

Because he gave me grace that is sufficient when I am weak.

But I urge you guys to be strong like Christ who sits up in Heaven, 

Since I am weak, I shall be strong like Him, 

Because he gives me the victory to trample on evil scorpions, dragons and snakes 

From the the pits they try but God steps in and cancel their evil deeds 

He is the Holy Judge that scares away the evil things that attack you at dusk.

He shall protect you.

Christ Our Father sits on the right side of The Father, as the Earth is in front of him,

He sees everything we do good and bad in secret or out in public

As he hears every word that comes out our mouths,

But there is power of the words you speak.

You can speak blessings of life or you can speak curses with profanity to your brothers & sisters

But remember God is there, and he will repay you back by how you do folks 

And what you tell a person, so be careful to treat even your enemies right not just your friends and family.

Out of all things, keep Christ Jesus first before all your passions and dreams.

Keep Christ first before everyone...


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