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This play is dedicated to all those who believe in themselves and forget remaining things. This play tries to show that GOD EXISTS but it depends on us to take it the way we want. 

               GODOPEDIAOLOGY presents 

                    The play-------GOD EXISTS

Produced by: The ALMIGHTY GOD'S Blessings

             Sponsored by: The writers outlet

          In Association with: JESUS & LILITH

LILITH: O GOD, Once again, you have brought me here.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I felt in the place of SATAN, Let it be you.

JESUS: Nice title.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: My lord, I have decided to die.

JESUS: what?


GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I don't know. I feel like dying.

So after saying this, GODOPEDIAOLOGY fares good bye and jumps from the mountain. 

JESUS: Where is he?

LILITH: Don't know.

Both of them look up and see GODOPEDIAOLOGY Struck on the bark of the trees. It seemed that even after falling from such a great height, nothing happened to him.

JESUS climbs on the tree and brings GODOPEDIAOLOGY safely on the ground. 

LILITH: what happened to you? Have you gone mad? Why you jumped from such a great height.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY wasn't in the mood of listening anything. He sees a black cobra moving by the side of his feet. He tries to thrash it and the furious cobra bites him twice and before it could bite him thrice LILITH hits the cobra, the cobra fearing LILITH sucks the poison from the feet of GODOPEDIAOLOGY and escapes its life. GODOPEDIAOLOGY regains consciousness. 

JESUS: What has happened to you, my child? Why are you doing this?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY once again is in no mood of listening and dashes his head harder to a rock. Now LILITH loses her cool and unable to resist herself she slaps GODOPEDIAOLOGY hardly. So strong was her blow that it broke the neck of GODOPEDIAOLOGY. CHRIST, who is a known doctor of his time tries to set the bone ribs of GODOPEDIAOLOGY's neck and at last using the wooden sticks and herbal leaves ties the cloth in such a manner that it seemed like a neck belt.

Both JESUS & LILITH look at GODOPEDIAOLOGY but no movement is seen. LILITH feels too bad for slapping GODOPEDIAOLOGY and looking at that JESUS consoles her. Everything seemed doubtful and it was a matter beyond both of them to see whether GODOPEDIAOLOGY would come alive or dead. 


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    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Christ was a carpenter

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