Misery Read Count : 41

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

Its a never ending fall.... This epic thing we endure called life seems to be the only thing to live for and even though it tears you to pieces eats at your soul just for the fun of spitting it up. But we still are forced to live it unless we take ourselves out but then we r doomed to burn for eternity so then you question which one is worse right? Ok so lets say you choose hell so you endure the remaining time of your unhappy life just waiting sulking just as a voucher dies over prey waiting for it to die. What if hell isnt worse then life on earth do you burn in eternity? So either way you live or you end in a miserable way? Wheres the peace doesnt everyone deserve it at some point? So you mean to tell me even in death im doomed? 


  • Apr 29, 2019

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