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SATAN isn't happy nowadays and decided to roam the world with trucks and buses. The thing is SATAN is always a pioneer & lover of new things. Though he is not happy with people's life still he likes the inventions of humans. But HE IS ALSO SAID THAT HUMANS EVEN AFTER MAKING SO MANY ADVANCEMENTS IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY STILL AREN'T LEADING A COMPLETE LIFE. So he decided and selected the following heavy motor vehicles to roam the world. Even the companies were delighted to see my hero SATAN trying out their products. So here are the list:


SATAN was quite impressed with the design of the truck. It looked really beautiful and smart because of its features. When SATAN drove the truck it run smoothly without any problems and was excellent. Though he was enjoying the ride still he felt sleepy and he slept. The company had equipped AUTO MODE, where in if the driver wants to sleep, he can enable it and sleep peacefully. When SATAN woke up he found that the truck which was in ALABARNA was now in the streets of ARIZONA. The truck was so swift that it had crossed the states within no time. SATAN was also impressed with its internal electronically gadgets. It utmost had all the things to keep him entertained. SATAN stopped the truck got down and looked at the sky it was really bright. He called the manufacturer and praised him for making such a good truck which also looked excellent from external. The company felt happy.


SATAN after appreciating MERCEDES company for their truck felt like walking on the highway and when he was walking he saw this truck which had a BIG LED SCREEN ON ITS BACK AND WHICH SHOWED THE VEHICLES COMING IN THE BACK THE FRONTAL VIEW OF THE ROAD WITH WHICH IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR THE BACK SIDE COMING VEHICLES TO KNOW THE STATUS OF THE ROAD. Through this concept the company was successful in preventing many accidents. SATAN was quite impressed by the idea of the truck and appreciated the company for bringing this types of concept. The company was quite thrilled when it heard that the mighty SATAN has praised them for their efforts. The company felt it should bring more innovations like this in future so that it can receive more praises from the LORD himself.


SATAN relexed on a tree top and felt super charged and started looking towards the highway. MERCEDES company were running a future bus demo on the highway and SATAN got inside the bus. The bus looked impressive like the truck, so SATAN sat near the driver seat. The driver was riding the vehicle and afterwards he pressed a button named CITY PILOT MODE and asked SATAN to sit in the driver seat. SATAN sat in the driver seat and didn't ride the bus, but the bus ran automatically and when it crossed the city lanes of CALIFORNIA, the driver switched on the HIGHWAY PILOT MODE. SATAN understood that the bus used the same AUTOMODE concept as in the truck. SATAN was also impressed with the vehicles SENSING SENSORS which used cameras, by which it would stop if any animal or other vehicle would come stop accidentally in front of the bus. The bus was quite comfortable with lots of space inside and even the seating was excellently made. SATAN looked at the passengers who charged their phones wirelessly by keeping it on the side of their seat handle. Many passengers enjoyed the free Internet inside the bus. Finally SATAN got down and once again praised the company's talent. The manufacturer assured they would bring more and more new things in future.


SATAN felt like sleeping so his followers created a multi smooth mattress and asked SATAN to relax. SATAN was about to close his eyes suddenly he saw something moving towards him and it looked like a RUNNING THEATRE SCREEN on the road. SATAN asked his followers and they said that IT WAS AN ADVERTISE VEHICLES USED BY THE COMPANY TO ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCT ON ROADS. SATAN felt that earlier advertisements were done on panels and now it has come on streets and  after thinking this he slept peacefully. 


SATAN was in no mood of riding nor travelling in any of the buses nor truck anymore but after the TESLA made out that mighty SATAN has rode 2 MERCEDES vehicles, it felt bad, SATAN knew this and immediately went to its head quarters in PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA. The company felt happy and welcomed the SATAN and showed him their invention. The company introduced ELECTRONIC CHARGED RUNNING TRUCK and in front of SATAN, they charged the vehicle, within 39 minutes it charged 75% and within a hr it charged 100%. The company asked SATAN to ride its vehicle. The company loaded its trucks with 20 fully charged battery for smooth uninterrupted travelling. SATAN along with manufacturer and its staff started to travel from ALASKA TO CALIFORNIA AND AGAIN FROM CALIFORNIA TO INDIANA, FINALLY FROM INDIANA TO LOS ANGELES. During the travel it took 6 days and 5 nights nonstop with 60kmph and 10 batteries to reach LOS ANGELES and finally the SATAN felt happy that the vehicle was eco friendly and if used properly could bring down the pollution to greater extent. The company also felt happy by SATAN'S comments and promised the SATAN that they would bring more greater things into the future. 

SATAN felt really exhausted and disappeared from the earth and slept on the clouds above polar region. 


  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    This sounds like a fanfic. A really bad fanfic

    Apr 21, 2019

  • Really innovative

    Apr 22, 2019

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