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Rachel's eyes shot open and all she could see was a dark room. The moon shined through her curtains. Giving enough light for her to see she was in her room. Lucy laid quietly beside her still asleep. Was it all just a dream she thought to herself. She slowly got up not trying to wake Lucy but failed and Lucy woke up wagging her tail.

"Hey girl" said Rachel as she petted her.

Rachel looked over at the clock and in big red numbers saw it was a little past 4am. She put a robe on and left her room with Lucy following her. She made her way to the kitchen to get some water. She couldn't get the dream out of her head. That pained look in Adrian's eyes when he lost control. She thought about if she should ask about it at school. But if it was a dream she would look like a weirdo. She got her water and sat at the bar. Lucy was eating some of her dog food. 

After finishing her water. Rachel headed back up to her room. Lucy followed her but brought one of her rope toys to chew on. Once Rachel made it to the bed. She plopped down on it face first. She was thinking of trying to get another hour or two of sleep would be best. Or just stay up and be tired all day. She closed her eyes and felt herself start to drift off. Then in an instant her alarm clock went off. She lifted her hand to turn it off. "Just 5 more minutes" she thought to herself.

She felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her. Her eyes shot open and she saw it was almost 8. She was going to be late for school. Her mom just smiled and left. Rachel rushed to get dressed and make it to school. She knew she was going to be late. She hadn't passed her driving test yet. It was not that she was a bad driver. With her power it was hard for her to concentrate while driving. From the moment she woke up she felt like she was being watched. This had her always looking over her shoulder for the culprit. Her mom met her at the door when Rachel came flying down the stairs. Lucy was right behind her. Rachel stopped and told Lucy to stay since she didn't need her getting out again. Lucy was a great dog but the moment she escaped it took forever to get her back in the house. Lucy just whimpered and sat down.

On the way to school Rachel tried to block all the voices from the cars around them then she remembered the bracelet the principal gave her. She dug into her backpack looking for it. The moment she touched it, all the voices stopped. She had a look of relief on her face.

"What is that dear?" asked her mother.

"It is a nullification bracelet the principal gave me yesterday to help me." Rachel replied.

"Oh that was really nice of him." her mother said.

With all the voices gone Rachel started to nod off again. Her mind drifted back to Adrian. Why couldn't she get him off her mind. She only met him yesterday but now he is all she can think off. Rachel felt the car stop making her eyes open. She was in front of the school. 

"Who is Adrian?" Asked her mother.

"What do you mean?" Said Rachel.

"Well you kept saying his name when your eyes were closed."

Rachel's face went crimson at what her mother said. If her mother is asking who Adrian is. Would that mean he didn't show up to my house yesterday.

"He is a guy I met yesterday." Said Rachel.

"Is he cute?"

"MOTHER" yelled Rachel. "I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you."

"I'm your mother. It's my job to ask you about boys and embarrass you" her mother smiled

"Bye mother" said rachel as she got out of the car.

Rachel rushed into school hoping to not be noticed by the faculty. But she got a few steps into the building and was stopped by a teacher. The teacher was about Rachel's height with a petite build.

"Classes have already started why are you out here" asked the teacher.

Before she could open her mouth the teacher looked up like someone else was there. With the bracelet on she couldn't tell who it was. 

"I slowed her down." Said the person 

Rachel knew the moment she heard it that it was Adrian. His voice had a compelling force to it. Like you wanted to do what he said. 

"Fine just hurry to class" said the teacher as she walked away.

Rachel turned and he was close enough that she ran into him. He gave her a slight smile.

"Why did you lie for me?" asked Rachel.

"Whoever said it was a lie." He replied. "It just hasn't happened yet"

Adrian started to walk away. Rachel wanted to ask him about last night but she was afraid. She was afraid that it was all just a dream and she would embarrass herself.

"There you are" yelled Selina. "I've been looking everywhere for you Rachel"

Selina ran up and enclosing Rachel in a hug. Rachel was caught off guard and almost fell from the sudden force. But she felt a hand on her back holding her. A slight blush came to her face cause she knew it had to be Adrian. He was the only other person in the hall.

"I'm going to take my leave ladies." Said Adrian as he walked away. 

Selina let go of Rachel and waved Adrian bye. Rachel just stood there quietly but wondering where he was going. Adrian disappeared around a corner and Rachel felt like her heart sank. From the moment she met Adrian she felt completely safe. When he isn't around she feels like something is missing. 

"Doesn't he have class?" Asked Rachel.

"Yes but when we get to class you will understand why he left" said Selina. 

Selina proceeded to pull Rachel down the hall to class. The whole time to class Rachel just pondered on what Selina said. They made it to the door quicker than Rachel thought. They walked in.

"Sorry we are late. Rachel is still new and she was lost." Said Selina to the teacher.

The teacher just raised his hand in acknowledgement. Selina and Rachel went to their seats. Rachel saw that Adrian and Belle seats were empty except for their bags.

"I'm going to start over. As most of you know the ranking tournament is coming up. There is some announcements that pertain to it. First our current rank 1 is not able to compete this year due to personal reasons. So the person to beat will be the current rank 2." Said the teacher. 

Rachel wonder who the current rank 1 and 2 are. The teacher kept talking about the rules like there will be teams off 2 then the top 4 teams will fight their partner to determine the rank. And the top 4 will represent the school in the regional tournament.

The door opened with Belle and Adrian entering. The teacher kept talking while they took their seats. Adrian gave Rachel a slight smile.

"Well that is all on the tournament besides you have to have your team rosters submitted by Friday." The teacher said. "For all of you who don't know. Belle and Adrian are the current rank 1 and 2."

Rachel mind just froze. The guy she has a crush on is the current rank 2 student in the school. Adrian just proceeded to put his head down and go to sleep. She couldn't help but stare at him every once and awhile. If her dream happened then it really didnt surprise her that he was rank 2. But how did Belle outrank him. 

Adrian didn't really say much during class. He answered questions when the teacher asked. Even though she has only known him a day. She felt something was off with him. When classes ended for lunch. Rachel approached him.

"Um Adrian are you okay?"

Their gazes met and Rachel froze. He just had that presence to make her stop breathing. The one eye she could see was gorgeous. It was a dark blue with a hint of white around his pupil. But that didn't hide the sadness in it.

"You can read me like a book I see." Said Adrian.

He gave a faint smile which faded fast. He reached into his back pocket retrieving his wallet. He counted out some money and handed it to Rachel.

"Buy us some food and meet me where we first met." said Adrian.

Before she could question him; he left. She grabbed her bag and headed to the cafeteria. It took her some time to get through the line. Her mind was running a mile a minute. She wondered if he would like the sandwich she got him. She rushed out to the field where he first picked her up. Saving her from getting hurt during the fight between Selina and Lucian. 

In the open field laid Adrian. His arm covered his eyes from the sun. He didn't even move when she got closer. She wondered if he even noticed her approaching. But the moment she sat down next to him.

"Hello Rachel"

It startled her making her jump. She could hear a slight chuckle from him. Adrian remained laying on the ground with his arm over over his eyes. Rachel unpacked the bag of food and drinks.

"I hope you like roast beef and cheese. I don't know what you like." Said Rachel

"That is actually my favorite sandwich from the cafeteria." Replied Adrian as he sat up.

"Really?" Asked Rachel.

"Yes really. I don't have a reason to lie to you." Said Adrian.

They ate in relative silence. Rachel had so many questions she wanted to ask but was nervous. Rachel noticed how fast Adrian eats. He finished his whole sandwich before she ate half of hers. He laid back down but this time with his arms behind his head staring at the sky.

"Take a picture it will last longer." said Adrian

Rachel didn't even realize she was staring til he said that. Her face turned red and she turned away. She continued to eat her food while looking away. She finished her sandwich in silence while taking quick peeks at Adrian. 

"You seem like something is off Rachel" said Adrian grabbing her attention.

"I had a dream last night but it felt so real." She replied.

"You know they say that dreams that feel real could be a premonition. With your telepathic powers you could possibly see the future" said Adrian.

Rachel never really looked into her powers. She had a hard enough time controlling them. But being able to see the future could be very handy. She finally finished her sandwich and packed up all the trash. A bird cawed making Rachel look around for it. They were in a pretty open field with the closest tree 50 yards away. The bird cawed again but this time it felt closer. Then out of nowhere a raven landed next to Adrian. The bird had beautiful black feathers that shimmered in the sun. Adrian reached out to it and messed with it's tail feathers causing it to caw at him. 

"Calm down!" Said adrian messing with it's tail feathers again.

The raven kept cawing at him like it was annoyed. Adrain stopped and held his gloved hand out to it. The raven pecked at his hand causing him to withdraw it.

"What did I do this time." Complained Adrian. 

The raven just cawed at him.

"I always mess with your tail feathers. Are you jealous I'm with Rachel here?" Said Adrian pointing to Rachel.

The raven jumped up and started to attack Adrian. Rachel just sat there watching as Adrian fended off a raven a fraction of his size. Between every assualt she could hear Adrian complain about the bird's treatment of him.

"Stop it Lily." Said Adrian as he grabbed the bird's feet


  • Tamali Hewagamage

    Tamali Hewagamage

    Hope u write the rest of it. I cant wait to know what happens next

    May 04, 2019

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