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     You know the saying "it's the journey not the destination" . Well I hate the destination. When I start something I become set on it, locked and loaded, ready to accomplish. But when I finish I always double back and feel, did I really just do that. All the hard work and pride suddenly falls away. Did I really want it to end. Hard work and drive are bragging rights, so when I finish I don't feel accomplished. When people see you working hard they think, this guy's incredible, I wish I had his determination. But when they see the finish product it's cool until it gets boring. Which is less then what you normally put in. I also seem to have nothing to do for a long time, because I don't want to star over. Anywho thought I should write. Great job on the 40,000 community members. We hope to grow as time goes on. And I'll be able to brag i was a content creator in 2019. Because unlike a lot of things, this is something that I know won't end any time soon.


  • Apr 21, 2019

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