People With Other People, The Original Folktale Part One Read Count : 3

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Long long ago, two kingdoms were split, people did not like each other, they hated each other. But there was one kid on earth named the greek child. No one understood him. "⊙●♤♡¤€¥₩☆^~!S@š" no one knew what he said 

Then one day a woman named Amy came to help what he was saying. " maybe he said ... no...?" The Greek child knew his plan was working! He wanted people to figure out his  language then they will have fun " no one knows I can also talk English" he went back and repeated," ⊙●♤♡¤€¥₩☆^~!S@s"

Then more people came to help 

More than two months millions of people around the world knew the rumor of it. Soon everyone around the globe came. And they chatted while they tried to figure out the Greek child`s child's language. The boy was ready to reveal his realm language. " I tried to say, hello, my name is Marco and it is nice to meet you all." Soon all the people one by one froze. " no one is allied to speak that lan

Giage!" They seized him

" no! Porgapor!" He pleaded. Everyone froze

Again " he spoke Spanish! "Hon Jung!" He spoke Chinese!" " coda! Hong Kong! Hola! Ne haw!" Eveyryone was confused. How can a Greek boy j ow all the languages? How

                Want to continue the story? Read part two coming in 2020! 


  • Renee Haro

    Renee Haro

    sorry! the real date is may, 12 2019! sorry for confusing you!

    Apr 20, 2019

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