An Endless Friend Part One Read Count : 21

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I looked out the window and saw no one in sight. I sighed and closed my window. I never saw people since I moved here. I have a. Feeling that no one likes me. I walked down stairs and ate some tuna, but that didn't make me feel better, I just cried,and the stupid rumor that made everyonenfo away for some reason spreaded around the country. It's the end of me. Then my mom packed my. School books but no one came to ,my school." Now, let's skip to chapter nine on your science fiction novel" I felt sad. My teacher cared of me it's just that no one ever wants to be my friend 

'Bout a week later I went to high school. This time children were there. People bullied me by kicking dirt in my face." Hahah" they laughed. I had no choice but to play all alone. Looks like everyone hates me. I don't care. Papa used to say that to be brave and kids gotta be strong! Like me. One day I went out to the playground but then I saw someone new. Everyone was mean to her. Then a bully said something " you are a worthless freak!" I got so mad. Then the bully snatched her purse. That did it! Leave her alone!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I said tons of bad words. " and that's why you are all stupidly stupid!" 

When the bullies left I helped her up. " are you okay?" I asked. She nodded" thank you, want to be friends?" Friends.... no one ever asked me that, I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I said,"yes" she hugged me and ran off. When I got home I wrote stuff in my diary:

Dear diary, it's TRUE I have a friend now. But what if it turns out if she ,lies? Well a new student wouldn't say that. But I know I have feelings and so does her, and we are both girls! We can get makeup go to the spa! And play with each other! But maybe it won't be true. But in the lord's world: I can say: and even if friendship breaks apart, friendship can never end. After I wrote in my diary I called papa. He said that he has to stay for another 4 hours what will it be without him?


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    Apr 25, 2020

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