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    Dawn was walking in the park when a stranger came up behind her and frantically hugged her around her waist. They both stumbled for a second and then the stranger pulled away. Shocked and wide-eyed, Dawn turned around. “Excuse me,” Dawn asked in a shy and surprised voice.

    “I didn't mean to startle you, I'm sorry. My friends and I have seen you around here before. I thought you looked like a nice girl and so I gathered my courage to come by and talk to you.”

    Dawn looked up at the stranger whose cheeks were turning red and he started to mumble, “Well I ended up tripping as I do when I'm nervous and accidentally used you as a way to stabilize myself. I also talk a lot and look at my feet as I'm sure you can tell.”

    Dawn chuckled and replied, “Well that was a heck of an introduction if I say so myself. I'm Dawn by the way. You're forgiven if you can tell me your name.” Dawn thought he had a cute personality and nice, blue eyes.

    “Peter.” The man replied relaxing his shoulders and gaining a little more confidence. “So, seeing as I came over here to talk to you, how has your day been, besides our awkward way of meeting.”

    “Great now! You're the first person I've talked to today and I like meeting new people.” Dawn was hoping the conversation would continue. “How 'bout you?”

    “Pretty good seeing as you are talking to me right now,” Peter shyly whispered and looked at his shoes.

    “Well would you like to accompany on the rest of my walk? I was getting lonely and we can talk some more if you'd like.” Dawn asked feeling special because of Peter's shy and honest compliment.

    Peter smiled and was about to talk when Dawn interrupted and exclaimed, “Great. I usually walk past the cherry trees if you don't mind.”

    “Not at all, I like the way they smell.” Peter smiled and allowed Dawn to start walking first. “So what's your last name? Mine is Hallow.”


    “Do you always come walking here?” Peter was curious because whenever he went fishing, Dawn was circling the path.

    “Yeah, I like the scenery. Thought I've seen it all thousands of times it is still nice. Why are you here all the time?”

    “Fishing and killing time with the guys. We usually don't catch anything but it's still fun.”

    As Peter and Dawn walked, they talked and got to know each other a little more.

    “Can I walk you to your car, if you don't mind,” Peter asked hopefully.

    Teasingly, Dawn firmly barked out, “No.” After waiting a couple of seconds and looking at Peter's discouraged expression she added, “You can walk me home though, I didn't drive because I live a couple blocks away.”

    Peter blushed and smiled. “That would be nice,” he exclaimed while looking at the sun closing distance between the horizon and itself, noticing it had a way to go.. “Can we just stop by my friends so I can tell them to take care of my stuff while I'm gone?”

    “Sure! I wouldn't want you to lose anything or something.”

    Peter and Dawn started walking towards a group of guys who seemed to be having a good time. When they got close, Peter hollered at his friends, “Can you guys watch my stuff? I'm walking Dawn home and will be right back.”

    The guys all looked at Peter with smiles and one of them yelled that they would take care of it. Peter then waved goodbye and started walking with Dawn in the direction of the exit.

    “I like you a lot, you're a nice guy. I'm glad I met you.”

    Peter looked shocked and stuttered, “Y-yeah. Um, I didn't expect anyone could like me. That's a nice change I guess,” Peter mumbled as his cheeks reddened to a tomato color.

    Dawn stepped close to Peter and stood on her toes. She kissed his cheek and turned red herself, “Well I do and I enjoy your company. You're a nice guy and I like your personality. I think it's cute.”

   Peter blushed and awkwardly stammered, “I don't mean to offend you but you seem pretty comfortable. Have you had a lot of boyfriends because I haven't had a girlfriend before and don't know what to do.”

    “Not really,” Dawn stated flatly, “I had one but I was in the fourth grade and it was a dare. I just really like you.” Dawn couldn't help but be honest with Peter. She really did like him and it seemed as though she'd known him forever. She didn't mind being open with him because she knew he liked her too.

    “Well I guess that makes you the experienced one here,” Peter laughed out. Dawn was still standing right next to him so he kissed her hair in return, slightly laughing after he kissed her.

    Reluctantly, Peter sighed, “I guess we'd better start walking.”

    Dawn could tell Peter didn't want to walk her home but rather spend more time with her. “If you'd like, we could go get something to eat and you can call your friends. I will lend you my phone if you don't have one.” When she saw Peter's eyes light up she knew her decision to skip studying was worth it. She started pulling out her phone but Peter interrupted her by telling her he had his own.

    Thirty seconds later, Dawn and Peter were on their way to a hotdog stand a few blocks from the park. Peter's hand accidentally brushed Dawn's and he was in the middle of apologising when she grabbed his hand and intertwined her fingers with his.

    “Don't be sorry, I was going to do that sooner or later. I know I'm moving pretty fast and I will back off if you want me to. It just seems right to me but I know everyone moves at their own pace.”

    They finished walking to the stand and Dawn was pulling out some cash but Peter politely offered to pay. Though Dawn tried to pay for her own meal, Peter insisted on paying.

    “So where do you want to sit,” Peter asked.

    “Over there at those benches. They're nice and shaded and they overlook a nice stream. It's peaceful, I'm sure you'd like it.”

    “I think I would too. Only one way to find out,” Peter said as he excitedly pulled Dawn in the direction of the benches.

    Dawn couldn't help admire his childlike sense of happiness and excitement. It was absolutely adorable and she had to smile. Peter turned around just in time to see her smiling.

    “You're beautiful when you smile,” Peter breathed out, then seemingly embarrassed added, “I just noticed because I guess I'm overcoming a little bit of my nervousness. You probably have smiled a lot. You know you're beautiful. Why would you wa-”

    Peter was cut off my Dawn grabbing his hands after she set the food down on the bench. “I know now,” Dawn smiled and teasingly poured out, “and I guess your nervousness is coming back.”

    Dawn smiled again and giggled, “I'm just teasing, thanks, Peter.” Then she started spinning Peter in circles and they spun until they fell. After falling, they burst put in laughter and when Peter went to help Dawn up, she pulled him back down on the ground. They laughed some more before Peter realised how close she was to him. He could feel tension because he didn't want to make Dawn uncomfortable though she was extremely relaxed with him.

    Suddenly, Peter found himself looking into the prettiest gray eyes he'd ever seen and the tension melted away like butter. He relaxed his shoulders and offered another compliment as Dawn allowed him to help her up this time.

    After he helped her up, they stood hand in hand staring into eachothers’ eyes. Dawn broke the moment by resting her head on his chest and wrapping him in a hug.

    “This is nice, Dawn,” Peter said, “thanks for being sweet.”

    “There's no need to thank me for me giving into guilty passions, like hugs and holding hands. In fact, thank you for letting me.”

    Dawn and Peter looked into eachothers’ eyes again and Peter put his hand on Dawn's face. She rested her head against it and Peter leaned down to kiss her. He was interrupted by a rock that someone had skipped on the stream. They both jumped and Peter coughed to avoid the awkwardness.

    “Want to eat now?” Peter was still blushing from his almost first kiss and was trying to change the subject.

    “Sure, then we can spin in circles again,” Dawn mischievously added with a twinge of playfulness lurking behind her eyes.

    “Yeah,” Peter agreed sounding hopeful.

    Dawn and Peter sat on the bench and though there was plenty of room, Dawn sat right next to Peter not leaving much space in between them.

    Secretly, Peter was jumping for joy but he didn't want to seem desperate so he stuck to his normal shy self. They finished eating and Dawn drug Peter to a pond secluded by trees.

    “I like coming here, most people don't know about it and it's peaceful. I thought you might like it. And we are less likely to get scared by rocks,” Dawn playfully added.

    She peeled off his bracelet and dashed away yelling over her shoulder that Peter would have to catch her to get his bracelet back.

    Happily, Peter bounded after her, this time intentionally hugging her from behind. Dawn clutched the bracelet with her hands right in front of her stomach so Peter slid his hands over hers. She looked up and slightly behind her and smiled. She pulled one hand out from Peter's and rested it on his cheek, holding the bracelet in the other. Peter spun her around and unlatched the bracelet from her fingers. He proceeded to slip it onto her wrist.

    “If you like it, you can have it,” Peter murmured softly, still feeling the spot on Dawn had touched.

    “It's getting dark,” Peter said, I should get you home.”

    “Okay, I need to study anyways.”

    “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you behind,” Peter apologised.

    “I asked you to grab something to eat, remember? Not your fault.”

    Peter smiled and kissed her forehead, having gotten comfortable after Dawn had cozied up to him. “Okay.”

    Peter walked Dawn home and up to her doorstep. “I guess this is goodnight,” Peter dejectedly stated.

    “If you want, you can pick me up tomorrow to spend more time together,” Dawn innocently proposed. “That would be nice, or we could just watch a movie in my apartment right now.”

    “But don't you need to study? I don't want to interrupt.”

    “It's fine, come on in!” Dawn unlocked her door and drug Peter inside to the couch. They picked a movie to watch and started it. After a while, Dawn laid her head on Peter and he put his arm around her to keep her close.

    When the movie ended, Peter politely suggested he went home and started to gather his jacket and shoes. Dawn showed him to the door and she gave him a hug goodnight. Peter started walking away but turned back around and went up to Dawn. He stopped less than an inch away and rested his hand against her face, swiftly leaning in and kissing her softly but firmly.

    “I've been wanting to kiss you all night, I guess a goodnight kiss is fitting,” Peter shyly but happily exclaimed.

    Dawn stretched up to kiss him again taking him by surprise. “Goodnight, Peter,” she whispered and gave him one final kiss before letting him go home.

    Peter went home happily to dream about tomorrow.


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  • Apr 20, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    oh my gosh this is amazing and cute and romantic i love it😘👌👌👌👌❤💖

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